dimanche, juin 27, 2010

Oh God! Save England from this miserable World Cup

The entire world watched as the “human factor” cost a major European nation a goal this afternoon in Bloemfontein— and arguably that team a legitimate shot at a place in the next round. The only people in the world who didn’t know that Frank Lampard scored for England against Germany to tie the game up before the half at 2-2, were the referee and his assistant in the German half of the field.

It was a missmatched World Cup for England in 2010 from the start so much so England fans themselves felt disillussioned at times. But even the hardest of critics could not fail to be upset and indignant whan Frank Lampard's equaliser was not awarded to England at the second round game against Germany last night. A cheeky goalkeeper who could not have failed to see the bouncing Jabulani go in succumbed to the moment and quickly continued play before anyone realised what had happened.

England was on a roll after a shaky start. The England team found the German net twice within 2 minutes and definitely would have pressed on afresh had the right call been made by the linesman in question. But no, England was denied their momentum and they never recovered. With opponents like the Germans, you never get a second chance.

The World Cup hopefuls would shudder at such injustice I am sure. It is time, football turns high tech because it is simply excrutiating to be a mere spectator when you - and the whole world - know better than the referee on the field.

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Cat-in-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
What goes round, comes around.... That Jabulani, as my Mama theorised, has been cursed by Zakumi, by the sound of the Vuvuzela. It's impairing everyone's sights and judgement...esp the umpires! har har har *evil laughs*

ninotaziz a dit…

What goes around, comes around?
I am still moping with my chin on the ground.

Sorry, bad poetry - tell your mummy I am mad about poetry because of magpietales.blogspot.com and http://www.stonyriver.ie/

She will understand.

remgold a dit…

kenapa anda dan yg lain sokong england?
mereka menang 1966 world cup, lepas tu tak boleh harap lagi.
ahem, macam parti politik kita. dulu bagus, tapi makin lama makin karat.
hidup paraguay!

Stafford Ray a dit…

Yes, time for technology to decide those crucial points. England are right to feel cheated and the German goalie must now feel bad about not revealing the truth.
In soccer so much is decided by just one goal, unlike any other code or game!
PS. Thanks for visiting!

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