mercredi, décembre 15, 2010


In the course of my work as an event organiser, I love it when I get to organise an event that reflects my interest. And this year, for New Year's Eve, we are holding an Egyptian Ball!

So, I have been immersing myself with middle eastern flavoured music and was thrilled to find this on youtube.

And this :

The decor will be superb as usual with best images of Egypt from floor to ceiling 20 feet high.

I look forward to my evening with Isis, Bastet and Nefertari. I know, I enjoy the ladies and cats and just maybe a game of mancala!

jeudi, décembre 09, 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - Featuring More Fall Poetry Finalists

One Stop Poetry Features Finalists from the Fall Poetry Competition “Through a Child’s Eyes”

Have you ever gone out into a garden in the dead of winter and found an unexpected flower blooming? I feel this way at One Stop Poetry. I am constantly being astounded at the beautiful writing and talent of the poets we have the honor of featuring. Here are two of those talents. Ninot Aziz and Shashidhar Sharma entered the fall poetry competition and were finalists. Their poetry submissions are below.

If you have not already read the winner's poem, we want to remind you to go to Spark Bright Magazine and read our Renee Sigel's poem.

Ninot Aziz was one of One Stop Poetry's fall competition finalists. I'm giving you a tiny peek into her life as a poet because we want to come back and do a feature after her book comes out.

Read the feature by Moondustwriter and poem by ninotaziz at One Shot Poetry here.
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