mardi, mars 17, 2015

Return to Dance

Tarian Asyik from Kelantan

Court Dance - Asyik

Ilena feels the music 

Irani masters difficult steps at a price
24 hours of ache

The Gamelan Dance Timang Burung (Birds)

Taking flight

NIK at the Calistro


NIK and The Secrets of the Sunset Ship will be published by MPH.

En Malek and I are busy finalising the illustrations.


At the Calistro Awards, the most memorable thing that happened:

Ilena spoke to a beautiful lady and shared her dreams of wanting to be a journalist. She was inspired by Tin Tin. And the lady turned to her and said she too was inspired by the world famous 'journalist Tin Tin! Turned out it was Dina Zaman Ilena shared her dreams with. what an inspiration!

Met Ms Phang, my sifu from Word Design after at least 15 years! 

This is what  happens when Ilena and Ikesha sit away from me, they talk to everyone and all sort of  delightful coincidences happen.

Mrs Khaw, Cikgu Sherry were ever supportive, and Su, the green witch dropped by too.


This time around, I pitched  NIK to the MPH. And they loved it. 
Not only that, they would be publishing the Series.


Lucky lucky lucky me.

Thank you, Calistro.

samedi, octobre 25, 2014

ONANGKIU takes the cake

Writers Unleashed - Quest for the Best Manuscripts

ONANGKIU - The Warrior Princess of Gellangui
Best Manuscript

SITI -The Queen Regnant

lundi, octobre 13, 2014

On Bernama Today

On Bernama Today 
Monday, 6th October 2014 with host, Elaine

NAGA is the result of a collaboration of many parties. In Malaysia, Australia and India. From Singapore and Indonesia too.

It is a story that takes a page from the history of the region. 

Our legends are the memories of our ancient civilization.


dimanche, octobre 05, 2014

mardi, septembre 30, 2014



Hope you enjoy the NAGA Book Trailer.

NAGA - A Legend of Tasik Chini is available online
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | XLibris

For more information, please visit

Thank you.

jeudi, septembre 25, 2014


Dearest poets and friends!
Just to let you know, I am about ready to push my novel NAGA to the global audience. Next week on Tueday, 30th September,  I will launch a new Asian book trailer video on Facebook@ninotaziz, Twitter @ninotaziz, Youtube and my blogs.
Really hope you can help share it with as many people as possible as I would like to see how far we can go on the net with this through family and friends.
Looking forward to your support, everyone. There will be three things to share;

Tuesday, 30th September 2014
'Book Trailer' video - NAGA - A Legend of Tasik Chini

Friday, 3rd October 2014  
Interview with Stu Tyler podcast

   Monday, 6th October 2014
Book Recommendation by XLibris
Friends in  Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Philippines among others have agreed to help put the word out.
Counting on your help!

Sincerely, from Malaysia with love,
Zalina Abdul Aziz @ ninotaziz


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