mercredi, octobre 31, 2012

Keep safe, friends far away

The rain fell on the pebbles, fallen leaves and umbrellas bobbing above a sea of people. Washed away sorrow, tears and the harshness of the city . Bickering stopped and all turned to lending a hand. The rain and wind picked up strength and we stayed hidden away, enveloped in warmth of the fire.

Autumn brings the storm
I reach out to you, neighbor
Keep safe, my friends

Behind the window pane, two lovers stayed under the covers, to keep the hurricane away. Children huddled together read books while the wind displayed its mighty strength, trying to pry open any weak entry. The old and sick braced themselves - medication, heat, food. Stay indoors.

Frail and yet, humans
Will prevail in the face of
Adversity -

Goodnight my friends. I wish you well. Hold a hand, hug a friend, have your cellphones fully charged. Keep your loved ones safe and sound, the door closed, the windows barred. Listen to a song, say a prayer. Stay indoors, stay safe.

Hallways give shelter
Toddlers in closet room tents
The cat on the ledge

As we listen in to the news, Sandy arrived - crashing at 86 miles per hour. Eerily the carousel at Battery Park stayed lit, surrounded by rising waters. The New York I knew and loved is devastated, deluged in sea water. Newsmen, ambulances rushed. Fires engulfed homes. Snow fell in October. Announcements made - stay put til morning. Stay safe. Stay brave. 

The news strike fear
Toronto to Quebec City
My old haunts, Canada

I am shocked. My favorite cities in Canada - Toronto, Peterborough, Quebec City - so many memories and fondest moments. Friends I remember well. I did not realize this would be closer to heart than I thought. I am keeping vigil and hope to hear from you soon - Verlia Stephens. Chris McInnis. Larry Coplen. Marc Beauvais. Darren Schmidt. Keep safe.

lundi, octobre 29, 2012

A teacher like no other

With Mrs Khaw Choon Ean

I remember the first moment I noticed Mrs Khaw Choon Ean. It was on our school field, we were all doing calisthenics. She must have noticed me too because she singled me out together with about 20 girls to form her first gymnastics team. A few days later, Mrs Khaw also became my English teacher throughout my secondary school days in Seri Puteri.

For five years, I went through school with two things being the most important part of my teen years. Gymnastics competitions and poetry writing.

Today, Mrs Khaw is an accomplished author and life coach, applying the theory of constraints in developing thinking skills. Ilena, always quick to grasp ideas, enjoyed her short session at Popular, Ikano. I can see how her talks continue to inspire kids to fulfill their fullest potentials.

Thank you Mrs Khaw.

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