mercredi, mai 25, 2005

Inas, the violin-player

Of course Inas is so much more than the violin player.

She is the mirror of emotions, the dancer, my rhymemaker, homemaker, little architect, cartoonist, animal lover. She loves her bicycle and wants to learn French (I suspect so that she can study Architecture in Paris where the Louvre Museum and the I Pei pyramid are). I also suspect when Inas was smaller, she had ESP for she could relate a lot of things I never knew she was in the know and could always, ALWAYS locate missing items.

But when she plays the violin, she is a marvel and her music comes through as happy, enchanting and beautifully haunting as well. And Inas herself? She radiates. And becomes an angel.

Inas' BFF is Shahida, a tall lanky sweet child who made the news two weeks ago when she was chased by two rottweilers, saved only by a neighbour who saw her tearing, dashing away on her bike before falling into a drain. They call each other daily and have sleepovers. But Inas is also the sister who knows just how to make Ilena smile or brings back sweets for Irani.

All the girls love their books, even Ilena, and Inas loves her Enid Blyton most of all. And her Art Attack magazines. And her Fairytale anthology.

And I love her just the way she is.

Iman, the pre-teen

That's what Iman and her gang call themselves - pre-teens. By the way, the gang comprise Shawal - ms popular, smart, blog genius; Holly Szia - budding writer, witty, tall; Caryn - sweet, adorable; Farah - world traveller, going thru pain; Zulaikha - booklover, studious, Nicole - I have yet to get to know Nicole, she seems quiet and Iman - budding writer with her head bursting with stories (the first ever was The Treasure of Life), music and radio junkie, responsible, ultimate teen planner (that comes from juggling two families), activity go-getter, beastly at times to her sisters. And there's Ally in the UK.

When I see Iman at this stage in her life, I remember my growing up days fondly. But Iman is so much more resilient, capable and techno-savvy than I ever was.She loves playing jazzy numbers on the piano (when she's angry, the piano is played loud, fast and staccato) and sees the quirky and funny in many an odd situations. She insisted on tuition, insisted on camping despite her asma and so faithfully took her medication along, same thing when she was performing in Barbie Rapunzel when she had to wear a rabbit suit! A taskmaster when she teaches Inas, but she manages to put the points across. Wasn't it Anna, in The King And I, who said, 'By your students you are thought.' Anyway, Iman has grit and determination and I love her for it.

She would talk to me about almost everything and we'd buy books on subjects we find difficult to discuss like On The Spot.And discuss it anyway. And she'd be the first to ask me about lesbians and tell me to make sure 'night-activities' stay private!

Despite of my grumbling and yes, sometimes yelling about her room, her keys, her shoes, she really makes me proud and Iman, in life, as long as you do YOUR best, I am happy with that.

vendredi, mai 13, 2005

My newest baby - From The Written Stone

by Zalina Abdul Aziz@ninotaziz
(Published by Utusan Publishers and Distributors)

Malaysia has a rich literary heritage in the form of folklore, legends and epics, which has survived the birth and destruction of many civilizations throughout our history. Puisi, pantun, gurindam and syair – epic poem and prose, are but some of the enduring legacies of our forefathers from a millennia ago. Its vivid imaginary, mythical qualities and elegant language
provide and enlightening wealth of literary wonder.

FROM THE WRITTEN STONE is the testimony to our cultured past which is interwoven into the very fabric of our society. The influence of the Islam, Hindu and Chinese made its way over the centuries into our legends and has its own history in its telling.

The Book – From The Written Stone
An anthology of Malaysian Folklore and Legends, rewritten in beautiful poetry and prose, produced as a homage to the opulent and flowery roots of our language, for the world to appreciate. It is an apt introduction to the most famous legends of the land. The text is presented with dreamlike quality illustrations.

Special Edition
This anthology makes the perfect coffee-table edition or and introduction gift for Diplomatic, Trade, Liaison parties or a leisure read at Hotels/Airlines, tourist and the general public. It immediately projects the idea of Malaysia, that is:
• Cultured, rich and diverse; a society proud of its Ancient History
• Mythical and Exotic

Children’s Edition
An abridged version, made suitable for children’s pastime reading, a perfect introduction to Malaysian popular and classic folklore.

*Illustration by Rudi, a recent graduate of the Art School, UiTM.
Translation provided by Kamariah Jaafar@Kelana - in progress

My Life In My Bag?

Today is carwash day.

And as I added my new smart-tag reader into my already bulging DK bag, I began to marvel at the array of stuff I have inside. How is all this reflective of me?

The year is 2005. In the 1980s, I had my IC, some cash if it's early in the quarter, my Student ID, my ISIC card, an OC-Transpo monthly pass if it's winter, my Nova Scotia bank book, ATM card and that's about it.

Today? Let's see...

In my Organiser
Driving Licence
Credit Cards
3 BookStore Memberships
Office Entry Card

Car Stereo head
Smart-Tag Reader
2 pen-drives

Mom Stuff
Ilena's Pampers-case
Colour Pencils
Ira's Report card
Extra 'Ikat rambut'stuff
Inas' McD membersship card

Current Read
Notebook cum journal

Just me
Small make-up case

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