samedi, mai 28, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

After toil of the sweetest kind
I wish to rest my burnt out mind
And seek refuge for a while
From the simpler things in life

The white speckled orchids' scent
And all kinds of jasmines in my garden
Kasidang in the corner heaven sent
This is my private haven

Gamelan on you-tube beguiling
Mandi serum in my bathtub - reviving
This is my slow awakening
This is my passion for life igniting

Dark Egyptian cotton bedsheets beckon
One of my very few luxuries
Sleep comes in an oasis of chocolate
After a night cap of Earl Grey and Cadbury

I drown in the dreams of the pomegranate
Spice induced languid embrace
Night falls yet morning awaits
Here comes the rain for another day

And I sleep...oh how I sleep...

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