mercredi, août 29, 2012

HIKAYAT on BERNAMARadio24 (FM93.9)

ninotaziz with Gerard
on Radio24

I was nervous and had a cold. After a short interview on Bernama Today last week, I was invited once again to have a longer session on radio in conjunction with Merdeka.

I must thank Gerard, the host who made it appear easy-going, producer Jun Sern who prepped me just before the show, and Shawn who made me feel so welcome. I must say Radio is so much fun, while the TV appearance was quite scary. Nevertheless, as both interviews were live sessions, it felt daunting indeed to a newcomer like me.

The interview was scheduled to run for 45 minutes, it went on for over 1 hour 20 minutes. It is to the guys' credit that it was so enjoyable. I came away with the one message I wanted so much to say.

The Hikayat is our heritage. We must take ownership of the legends because they belong to all of us.

When I say all of us - just so that everyone is clear - I mean everyone. All Malaysians. I mentioned that when you read Hikayat, you will find something intrinsic of yourself in them. You will seek what you want to find. There was a movement of people that centered around the Semenanjung. Everyone wanted something form this land. Gold. Power. Love. Take ownership my friends, before someone takes it away from us.

Our diversity is what makes Malaysia unique. Embrace it. Don't let it destroy us.

Goodnight, everyone.


samedi, août 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya from Rudy, ninotaziz and family

Selamat Hari Raya
from all of us at home
Rudy, ninotaziz
Iman, Inas, Irani, Ilena and

our official message delivered by Little Ikesha

jeudi, août 16, 2012

The ancient call of the nusantara

yesterday it was ancient
today, it is forever new
by tomorrow, it will be timeless

The beauty of gamelan is in its staccato pride,
the sense of calm as you play to breathe
and breathe to play a song from the past

to know me
to love me
to accept me
you must understand
i am an island girl
and the rhythmic call
of the bronze orchestra
seduces my ancestors
within me


dream catcher
in the fading notes
of an ancient song

I awaken

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vendredi, août 10, 2012

My Sanctuary

Over the years, this is where we
dance, play, read, write, browse
chase the cats, wear stylish hats,  have brick brats
hold family meetings, gatherings, greetings
pack up, put on make-up

before we walk out the door

and brave the world

jeudi, août 02, 2012

The girl who started fasting

This is the first year
Ikesha started fasting.

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