lundi, juillet 19, 2010

Best Classic Rock

My collection of greatest classic rock songs ever - very much part of days long gone by, kept in the back pocket of my LEVI 501 I don't wear anymore...

The greatest classic rock song must be Stairway to Heaven

And Pink Floyd was out of this world

Rainbow, the underated classic rock band. Thank you Mr Ritchie Blackmore

And Queen gave us songs that could make us weep and rock at the same time

And here Ritchie Blackmore fascinates us with his rendition of 16th century Greensleeves

I was a great fan of Led Zeppelin, Rainbow and Queen. And listened to Scorpions while cramming for exams. The great bands of the 80s will be revered by Classic Rock fans for a long time because it seems that no other will pass this way again.

jeudi, juillet 15, 2010

Extraordinary Life

Blogger Ilakya Spandhanaa posted this inspirational youtube video on her site. And I found it to be so true to ourselves that I would like to share it with those who drop by as well as a reminder to myself.

Birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, many writers, poets in particular seek fellow writers for a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Generally, writers are also quite 'shy' in nature - even when they appear most sociable - I always sense a reticence from the maddening crowd. That is why blogging sites or memes for writers like Magpie Tales, Stony River , and the new Poets United and many more appeal to so many. It is unobstrusive and yet communal at the same time.

The immediate acceptance across the globe is phenomenal and like a drug, draws us within. The out-pouring encouragement and feedback is like an adrenalin rush for the budding writers and the most seasoned scribes. Age, sex, occupation, race/religion and other barriers disappear. Generally, comments are positive as those who do not like any particular post would hold their peace instead of leaving negative remarks. Spammers are, as one blogger puts it, removed mercilessly and swiftly.

For those unfamilliar with memes, each week a topic, image or inspirational quote is sent out by the host of the site. The hosts of these sites do not really influence the trend of writing, encouraging a wide and ranging response to the topics of the week. Through the Mr Linky's magical widgets, writers from all over post their interpretation of the topic for all to share.

This next youtube video drives home how writers help each other every week through the various memes. It says at the ending - when you make another person smile, be it family, or a stranger - you make a difference.

Let's make a difference to the world. And let poetry be a soothing balm to the banes of the world.

lundi, juillet 12, 2010

It's all over...

See you in Brazil 2014...

It was an exhausting four weeks of drama, disbelief and drag-me-out-of-bed mornings. On TV, radio and the internet, it finally came down to what Paul the Octopus would say.

Goodbye Vuvuzelas, the Jabulani and the old system of refereeing, if FIFA is to be trusted. We look to Brazil 2014 when the madness all starts again. In the land that eat, breath and live football, I can't imagine the chaos if Brazil does not become champions...

Will I still support England then...I have no idea, but after eight World Cups, it's time to part ways I think! Goodbye Kevin Keegan (so many unfulfilled dreams), Gary Lineker(thank you for the beautiful goals), Beckham, Rooney and Lampard. Yes, goodbye Crouch too!
It is sad that while the World Cup brought together people from all over the world to celebrate and disregard barriers of all forms, it ended in tragedy in Uganda.

And yet, we must presevere and believe - that good will outweigh evil. And justice prevail.

mercredi, juillet 07, 2010

The final countdown

So it is Spain after all, against Holland!
Should be a fiery final with red and orange shirts all over.
And a first time champion at the end. What a World Cup treat!
The beautiful game returns...

dimanche, juillet 04, 2010

Malaysian Food On The Rise

I was greeted by this lovely view of a New York roof-top alfresco restaurant when I logged on this morning and was delighted to see it featured Malaysian cuisine for a change. Perhaps Chef Wan, Minister Ng Yen Yen and the likes are doing something right. Read the full review here.
Is there a greater culinary pleasure than eating good food outdoors on a beautiful day? Whether you want to dine overlooking the beach, among vineyards, under the desert sun, even on a ship, we've got your table. Feast alfresco at one of the U.S.'s top outdoor dining destinations to learn firsthand what a little fresh air can do for your appetite.

Wow. That’s usually what’s uttered by visitors to this rooftop space. And it’s not just the great view of the skyline. The massive indoor area, the penthouse lounge, is bedecked with floor-to-ceiling windows. The outdoor space is open year round---heat lamps plus thick robes keep diners and imbibers warm during the winter. And while the view and design may compete for your attention, the food should be the star of the show. The well-executed menu, designed by Zak Pelaccio, late of 5 Ninth and the owner of Fatty Crab, focuses on Malaysian small plates. Crispy shrimp, refreshingly not greasy, are matched with a tangy pineapple curry sauce; fragile veal and pork meatballs burst with flavor; and thick noodles in a spicy coconut-soy sauce are comforting. Larger plates range from an oyster omelet to short rib beef rendang. There are several fruity house cocktails that go nicely with the menu.

Other famous Malasian restaurants are :

230 Fifth
Malaysian/Small Plates
230 Fifth Ave.New York, NY 10001212-725-4300
Snack on Malaysian treats twenty floors above Manhattan.
Read GAYOT's 230 Fifth Restaurant Review

Café Asean
117 W. Tenth St.New York, NY 10011212-633-0348
A West Village mélange of Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisines.
Read GAYOT's Café Asean Restaurant Review

Fatty Crab
643 Hudson St.New York, NY 10014212-352-3590
Zak Pelaccio brushes off globally-influenced dishes for straight up---and tasty---Malaysian cuisine on the border of the West Village and the Meatpacking District.
Read GAYOT's Fatty Crab Restaurant Review

Fatty Crab
2170 BroadwayNew York, NY 10024212-496-2722
Don’t be shy about asking for translations at Fatty Crab’s uptown Malaysian hotspot. Read GAYOT's Fatty Crab Restaurant Review

Franklin Station Café
Quick Bite
222 W. BroadwayNew York, NY 10013212-274-8525
Funky fusion food in funky TriBeCa.

Read GAYOT's Franklin Station Café Restaurant Review

Malaysia Grill
224 W. 104th St.New York, NY 10025212-579-1333
Comforting Malaysian cuisine on the Upper West Side.
Read GAYOT's Malaysia Grill Restaurant Review

Malaysia Restaurant
Quick Bite
46-48 BoweryNew York, NY 10013212-964-0284
A hidden treasure of satisfying Malaysian fare. Read GAYOT's Malaysia Restaurant Review

Quick Bite
194 Grand St.New York, NY 10013212-334-3669
The exotic flavors of Malaysia draw Lower East Siders to this trendy eatery.
Read GAYOT's Nyonya Restaurant Review

vendredi, juillet 02, 2010

Daddy's World Cup

Abdul Aziz Salehuddin, Kamariah Jaafar and baby, Nina 1966

I have made it no secret that World Cup season is always extra special because with every game, I find myself thinking what my Dad would have said.

Dad was the serious kind of World Cup spectator. Looking deep into the television set with sudden burst of exclamation...or jubilation, he was the expert on football trivia.

My favourite team is out of the picture but Dad's favourite team, Argentina looks straight ahead to the final.

I always remember that Uruguay was the first ever World Cup champion [just how Malaya was the first ever Thomas Cup holders] because Dad told me so. So today, with every step the Uruguayan team forges ahead, I am sure Dad would have been cheering them on... That's another thing, he just loved underdogs.

Goodnight Dad. Al-fatihah.


Dad was an avid sports fan. He watched and played tennis, football and rugby. Mom played hockey, netball and swam . They played badminton together. Something to be said about the lifestyle then and now.
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