lundi, juillet 19, 2010

Best Classic Rock

My collection of greatest classic rock songs ever - very much part of days long gone by, kept in the back pocket of my LEVI 501 I don't wear anymore...

The greatest classic rock song must be Stairway to Heaven

And Pink Floyd was out of this world

Rainbow, the underated classic rock band. Thank you Mr Ritchie Blackmore

And Queen gave us songs that could make us weep and rock at the same time

And here Ritchie Blackmore fascinates us with his rendition of 16th century Greensleeves

I was a great fan of Led Zeppelin, Rainbow and Queen. And listened to Scorpions while cramming for exams. The great bands of the 80s will be revered by Classic Rock fans for a long time because it seems that no other will pass this way again.

3 commentaires:

Al-Manar a dit…

What do you say if I choose Patti Page, Pat Boone and Elvis instead?
Behind time by 30 years! Another generation, another world but that is mine to keep and to emjoy.
Salaam from Pakcik

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Pakcik,

I have my Dad's Pat Boone LP in my revered collection. And I organise Elvis events once in a while...

So not too far back a generation...but Patti Page is a vague memory - country singer, right?


Uncle Lee a dit…

Hello Ninotaziz, wow! You certainly know your songs, singers....regret I'm more into oldies, Country & Western....but occasionally might listen on the radio when driving.

You have fun, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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