vendredi, juillet 02, 2010

Daddy's World Cup

Abdul Aziz Salehuddin, Kamariah Jaafar and baby, Nina 1966

I have made it no secret that World Cup season is always extra special because with every game, I find myself thinking what my Dad would have said.

Dad was the serious kind of World Cup spectator. Looking deep into the television set with sudden burst of exclamation...or jubilation, he was the expert on football trivia.

My favourite team is out of the picture but Dad's favourite team, Argentina looks straight ahead to the final.

I always remember that Uruguay was the first ever World Cup champion [just how Malaya was the first ever Thomas Cup holders] because Dad told me so. So today, with every step the Uruguayan team forges ahead, I am sure Dad would have been cheering them on... That's another thing, he just loved underdogs.

Goodnight Dad. Al-fatihah.


Dad was an avid sports fan. He watched and played tennis, football and rugby. Mom played hockey, netball and swam . They played badminton together. Something to be said about the lifestyle then and now.

4 commentaires:

Cat-in-Sydney a dit…

Biting paws coz tonight is Germany vs Argentina. My heart went out to Ghana this morning. har har har *nervous laughs*

ninotaziz a dit…

You nervous? The most well-informed cat-on-the-blog?

remgold a dit…

football and my late dad,
tx for this maam. i suddenly remember when i was a teenager and growing up in a flat in spore.
on tv - some cup game involving malaysia and spore, arch enemies!

spore scored, and i went to the balcony and shouted out loud - goal! mampos malaysia!

my late dad quietly reminded me: jangan cakap gitu. nasib baik ada msia, kalau tidak mati orang melayu singapork.
that was a milestone moment. rest well, bapak.

ninotaziz a dit…

Wow, Sir Remgold...

I need not say more.

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