dimanche, septembre 18, 2011


'despite pleas from the US and threats from Israel', it seems finally, the domino effect from Israel's attack on the Turkish ship in 2010, killing nine Turkish countrymen, is coming on full force. A heightened sense of expectation is in the air.

This week, Mahmoud Abbas will address the UN and make a landmark bid for statehood after more than 20 years of failed negotiations and empty promises. For many of those years we saw Yasser Arafat trying his best to bring about a semblance of peace to this land.

Will we be dissappointed by a crushing veto? Would it matter?

The hands of fate are running along relentlessly.

My previous post on the Palestinian issue and the Israel regime can be found here.

vendredi, septembre 02, 2011

Cameron Highland

On the way back to KL through Cameron Highland. Goodbye Rantau Panjang!

We arrived too late and it was decided that it was best if we spend the night. We stayed at Tanah Rata. Oh dear... The development in Brinchang has spoilt the natural beauty of the area. But it was still a lovely place.

The next day, Iman and Inas showed us the way to Cactus Valley. But before that, we had breakfast at Restaurant Kumar. There was a family from India with 4 daughters and a Chinese family with 3 sons next to our table.

This pictutre was taken just as our food arrived. We were all minding our own business. By the end of breakfast however, we were joking and laughing as if we were old friends. The conversation went on like this...

Table I : Oh...4 girls. How lovely!

Table II : Oh, these are not my daughters (young gentleman from India who wants lots of chili in his french toast smiled) They belong to them (pointing to the older couple at the end of the table)

Table II : Oh, daughters are the best!

Table I : Don't say that! This table has 3 boys...(laughter) Secretly, we are quite jealous! (Table I has 5 daughters)
Table III : Oh, I am secretly jealous of you too!


The next stop at Cactus Valley where the star attraction was of course .... strawberries? Ikesha had a field day posing for the camera. This was one of her 20 shots.

Daddy and the girls finally got their turn

Inas HIGHLY recommended a visit to the Cactus Valley Restaurant. We ordered 5 bowls of strawberries and cream, one set of strawberries and chocolate fondue and one strawberry tea and scone set.


Ikesha pouring me some tea.

Daddy eyeing the scone.

The girls had a wonderful day together!

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