dimanche, septembre 16, 2012

A Malaysia Day Dinner Like No Other

Dr Bala (middle) the gracious host

Dr Bala of Planet Of The Monyets had a simple idea. And as usual, the simplest of ideas often contribute to the greatest of feats. In this era of mudslinging and politicking, he decided it was  time to #Say Something Nice and remove ourselves from politics. He did this by saying something nice about ALL Malaysians. Heroes from mountaineers to conservationists - not to be confused with conversationalists, sportsmen and women, NGO warriors, movie directors, cartoonist - no guesses for this one, writers, taxi drivers (I personally love taxi drivers esp my ever exceptional S W Taxi)

And of course Dato David Arumugam
of Alleycats

"We sing using OXFORD Bahasa Malaysia. I visualise a lone lady in the middle of the sawah padi, and my feelings come pouring out in the song so that you feel it too."

Manai (Ahmad Fakri in blue), is one of the two Malaysians who have conquered the SEVEN SUMMITS all over the world. This is incredible. Manai's journey so far (he is only 31) is an inspiring story of overcoming your personal limits. Now I know to get to the base camp of the Everest alone is a 10 day trek. To reach the summit takes another 45 days, after getting through Camp 1 to Camp 4. As you progress from camp to camp, you see the mountaineers who did not make it ie in body bags and the success of the day is measured in the rate of mortality.
Shamir and Shamsul
Co-founders of Yakin Malaysia
For the full series of 17 Cool and Commited Malaysians,
please visit the Monyet King's Planet Of The Monyets
Thank you Monyet King for a cosy and intimate dinner that defines the Malaysian hospitality at best. We got to know each other, chit chat, laugh and cheer 'TerimakaSAYYY' with David Arumugam.
It was great company and a marvelous nostalgic Malaysia Day dinner.


samedi, septembre 08, 2012

17 Cool and Commited Malaysians

Blogger Monyet King has dedicated the seventeen days between 31st August to 16th September to a series on nation building. I thank him for including my work on Malaysian Hikayat in the list. I am humbled and honoured.


 Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cool and Committed Malaysians # 9 - ninotaziz

The Merdeka Cool and Committed Malaysians stories continue with ninotaziz, writer and an extraordinary storyteller – who is determined to use our legends towards creating a sense of pride in our people and to put our Hikayat on the world stage.
Ninot’s real name is Zalina Abdul Aziz. She was born in Tasmania, Australia, raised in the village of Chenor, Malaysia, educated in Canada and now lives in KL. She is the author of From the Written Stone (2006), Srikandi (2011), HIKAYAT – From The Ancient Malay Kingdoms (2012) and NAGA – A Legend of Tasik Chini (2012). Her current book projects include Kembara Sastera Manuskrip dan Pantun Melayu, Ratu Nusantara, 366 Legends of Asia and From the Wayang Kulit. Ninot is also currently working on her second novel entitled Onangkiu - From Gelanggui to Bija Nagara.

Ninot at her office with SriKandi which was published in 2011

For the rest of the article, visit here.

17 Cool and Committed Malaysians series

The 17 Cool and Committed Malaysians series is produced by Planet of the Monyets in conjunction with our Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia 2012. 17 Malaysians (or group of Malaysians) who have served or are serving our country or made it proud because of their accomplishments will be featured. 1 story every day, for 17 days. 31 August till 16 September. They may not be big names. But they are men and women who serve Malaysia well – through their commitment to work, charity, sports and arts. They are role models for the rest of us. Malaysia needs heroes, hope and good news. This is the monyets’ way of spreading cheer, giving hope and creating a more positive Malaysia. Read more here.
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