dimanche, janvier 29, 2012

Hang Tuah's Sorrow

What is my quest for one remains clear
I shall not waver in my cause
If my loyalty is worthy of its master
Even when all is lost, all is not lost

What am I, if not for my Sultan
Who is my Sultan without one so loyal
What is my people without our Sultan
Who is our Sultan without our people

For we are bound by the solemn oath
That of Demang Lebar Daun and Seri Teri Buana
Their fates and ours ever resolved
The new lands to respect the pact forever...’

Hang Tuah is our legendary hero
a warrior who lived during the Sultanate of Melaka.

During his lifetime, he travelled to China, Mecca and Rome. A skillful diplomat, Hang Tuah knew 12 languages,

and was a master of the silat, having trained under Guru Aria Putra of Melaka
and Sang Persanta Nata of Majapahit.

Today, 500 years later, the debate goes on whether Hang Tuah was a real person.

And yet, his purpose and personality was so strong,
until today he touches the lives of Malaysian like no other.

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samedi, janvier 28, 2012

Taking it slow...

Ikesha thinks my impromptu flower arrangement
from odds and ends in our garden is a great piece of art!

It is time to smell the flowers.

Life has been a mad rush, especially since we had to do without Bik since August 2011.

Work, writing and adjustments to new living arrangements have kept me on my toes. Inas and Irani, both in important exam years have moved to Tok Wan's place in search of better tutors, plus space and mind to study. Iman is studying furiously as her stint at matriculation comes to an end this April - her 4 flat average attest to her focus and determination.

From a household of eight, we have dwindled down to four! How time flies. Hence, it is time to smell the flowers. Flower arrangement, gardening, even cycling with Rudy and the girls in the evening was a lovely get away.

Iman and Inas were home during the Chinese New Year holidays and it was time to have one of our B-B-Qs for the teenagers again - out in the garden. Small crowd, laughter, subtle goodbyes to life as they knew it - as they move on to France, Russia and other near and faraway places to carry on chasing their dreams. Grow up.

As for me, I ponder about life as my babies become young ladies, women of their own mind etc etc etc. Time flies. Fuzana, my lovely editor from Utusan just showed me the final layout for Hikayat before it goes to print. I work on Dragon Lores at a relaxed pace.

I sigh in contentment.


dimanche, janvier 22, 2012


One wintery night
Tokoyo dived into the sea
To challenge Yofune-Nushi

Dagger between her teeth

The monster swam in deep blue
Gleaming in the dark waters
Tokoyo struck the beast true

At its heart, exposed by soft belly

In its death throes, the sea serpent
Rose to the surface
with Tokoyo on its back

Triumphant, she stood

In one stroke, Tokoyo
Saved the island, the emperor
And most certainly her father

The wronged Samurai, Oribe Shima

Released from his imprisonment
The noble one regained his life
- he knew, his daughter’s love freed him

Man's injustice undone by a girl's courage


Tokoyo was certainly no sushi
For the magpietales

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vendredi, janvier 06, 2012

An Epic Legend : Lady White Snake

The haunting story of Lady White Snake has always been a personal favorite of mine (aahhhh, now everyone will be able to take an educated guess how old I am! Well, within a twelve year margin) While this song is beautifully done, the movie itself fell short of my expectations. Still it was lovely. During this Chinese New Year season, my girls enjoy the video tremendously and prefer it over Cars or Spongebob which is a tall order!

Here is my rendition of the story.

A stone crushed by the river
Gives life to the plant
A plant gives life to the animal
An animal gives life to human
A human may become more
More than human

Sometimes, one is surprised by nature
and the order of life becomes obscure


In an ancient cave, a great big white python
meditated for another a thousand years.
Then it stood up high on its tail, and disappeared
A beautiful girl was seen leaving the mountain
In a flowing white robe and beautiful sandals
adorned with glittering gems.

In the city Hangzhou, there was a beautiful lake.
Many came to take lovely walks to enjoy the fresh air
To enjoy the day in its wake
To take boat rides to the island, to listen to larks
And one day, there was a beautiful lady
Who came to enjoy the simple human pastime
- taking a walk in the park.

She met a handsome youth whose name was Xiu Xian.
She told him her name – Lady White of the Mountains.
It began to rain. And by the time, the boat reached the main land
Xiu Xian was in love with the mysterious maiden
Before long, Xiu Xian was standing next to Lady White
Lovely in her bridal gown.
They bowed to Heaven and Earth, to their ancestors, and to each other.

They were now husband and wife.

* * *

The newly-weds, together with Lily their household lady in waiting
and their three other servants moved to another city
To open their own sensei shop - excellent with herbs and medicines
They knew exactly what to prescribe as a cure for all ailments.

Their life was blissful.

Soon, Lady White informed Xiu Xian she was with child
Their baby would be born in the spring. In her condition,
Lady White often rested in the afternoon.
Xiu Xian did not want her to put her health in jeopardy.

One such evening, a Buddhist monk entered their shop and said.
“Master Xiu Xian, I must introduce myself. I am Fa Dhai
and I am the head of the Mountain Temple,
where your wife and her father used to reside.”

Xiu Xian smiled and immediately said,
“Ahhh, you are family then. Let me call my wife!”

Strangely, the monk restrained him,”No, I have come to warn
you. Be steady. Your wife is a thousand year old snake
She hides her true nature for now but she can only do you great harm.
Sooner or later, her true nature will strike!”

“You do not know my wife!” said Xiu Xian. “It is best you leave!”

Fa Dhai continued, “I knew you would say that. Ahh, well.
Make sure she drinks realgar wine for the Dragon Boat Festival.
She will transform back to her true self
and then you will look for me!”

Soon it was time for the Dragon Boat Festival
Everyone drank wine mixed with foul-smelling realgar
to drive away serpents and snakes.
Lady White begged to be excused and stayed in bed
Xiu Xian laughingly called out to her and said,
“We must share at least one cup of realgar wine!”

Xiu Xian then suddenly remembered the monk’s strange visit
and mentioned it to his wife absent-mindedly.
Lady White almost choked on her nightly cup of warm milk.

She knew then she was in terrible danger.

She stood up, and said, “I am feeling much better, husband.
Let us have some wine!”
Calling on all her powers to withstand the realgar
she drank one cup - so mild
Immediately she ran to her room, retching away.
Xu Xian hurried to get her medicine
- when he came back with the potion,
He found a large white python on the bed.
The young husband in shock, collapsed.

Lily came running,“My Lady,” she called,
“Your husband has fainted from shock!”
Lady White knelt by her husband and wept.
“I will make the strongest potion to heal him," she declared

* * *

He recovered - Xiu Xian did. But he now avoided Lady White.
They were restrained with each other - she often sighed
He often took long walks - and on the bank of the Yangtze River
Fa Dhai was waiting for him. Terrified and confused, Xu Xian asked, “What shall I do?”
“Come live at the temple,” said Fa Dhai. “There you will find truth.”

Torn between the love and fear of his wife,
At last he joined the monk's stride
Up the Mountain Temple - Xiu Xian was not allowed to leave.
This was the intention of the monk, to lure Lady White to him.

Meanwhile, Lady White waited anxiously
For her husband to return.
Deep inside she knew her husband was with
The monks of the Mountain Temple

Her nemesis and enemies for centuries

Fa Dhai was waiting for her at the temple gate.
“Abomination!” cried Fa Dhai. “Destruction is your fate!”

“I have helped many with my knowledge of herbs, medicine and venom,”
“Surely the one who separates a man and his wife
And soon to be born child is the cruel one!”

Fa Dhai was not in the mood to talk any longer.
He had devoted his life to destroy the mystical serpents such as her.
He called upon an army of heavenly warriors.

From the Yangze, Lady White gathered an army of serpents and water animals.
The two armies battled ferociously, led by Lady White herself
But when she felt a pull in her womb, fear for her baby’s safety made her retreat.

Lady White and Lily returned home

The lady was taken ill from all the fighting
Her own growing body heaving.
She was heart-broken, crying over and over
“He did not honour me, he did not trust me.”
Just then, Xiu Xian arrived. He heard the battle
And from within the temple prison,
Determined to stand by her,
He escaped, and returned

“I was kept prisoner— I love you and couldn’t bear
The thought of losing you!”
“My dear husband,” said Lady White angrily,
You forgot to honour me and trust me.
Hear me now.”

She told him the truth and all that had happened.
“And now,” she said, “you must decide.”

Xiu Xian replied softly, “I will honour, trust and love you.


* * *

Soon Fa Dhai came back and the battle was worst than ever
Endangering their son and Xiu Xian
Finally, Fa Dhai captured Lady White within his powerful alms bowl

There was no way to escape its magic
Lady White finally said goodbye to her husband and new born baby.

Then she told Fa Dhai, “Though you take me away, see! You cannot destroy our love.”

Fa Dhai was angry to hear this truth and ordered the warriors
To imprison her under the pagoda by the lake where they fell in love
“You can remember your everlasting love there!” he cursed her,
“Not until the lake dries up or the pagoda falls

Will you see the light of day again!”

* * *

Time passed on. Xiu Xian and Fa Dhai passed away
Then the son too at a ripe old age.

But Lily did not forget

On the mountain where she came from
She transformed back into a young python
She meditated and trained her might
Her powers to their greatest height

For one last time

She became human once again
Gathered an army of mountain animals
Marched on to the Pagoda On The Lake
All for Lady White's sake

The pagoda’s guardian spirit
Met her with his own army,
But they were defeated and forced to flee
The might of Lily

Then her army set fire to the pagoda
Which quickly crumbled.

“My Lady, come out!” called Lily
And there from the ruins rose Lady White — at last, free!
But still heart-broken - deeply.

* * *

So Lady White retuned to the mountains with Lily and both swore
Never to associate with humans forever more.
That is why until today,
Snakes slither away

When humans approach and become
Fiercely angry when confronted by one.

They vowed never to love humans again.


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