dimanche, janvier 22, 2012


One wintery night
Tokoyo dived into the sea
To challenge Yofune-Nushi

Dagger between her teeth

The monster swam in deep blue
Gleaming in the dark waters
Tokoyo struck the beast true

At its heart, exposed by soft belly

In its death throes, the sea serpent
Rose to the surface
with Tokoyo on its back

Triumphant, she stood

In one stroke, Tokoyo
Saved the island, the emperor
And most certainly her father

The wronged Samurai, Oribe Shima

Released from his imprisonment
The noble one regained his life
- he knew, his daughter’s love freed him

Man's injustice undone by a girl's courage


Tokoyo was certainly no sushi
For the magpietales

Copyright © 2012 ninotaziz. All rights reserved.

4 commentaires:

Brian Miller a dit…

nice...this is a great take on the pic...i take it this is based on legend or did you make it up...well told and great message within...

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Brian,
This is based on an old legend, Tokoyo and the Sea Serpent. An ancient story of courage from Japan.

Stafford Ray a dit…

No need to be shy about this one. I loved it as i love all your Eastern history and myth stories. In the Weat we need to read them!
"Tokoyo was certainly no sushi". haha!

ninotaziz a dit…

Hi Stafford,
Almost missed your comment here. Lovely to see you and thank you for enjoying my mythical stories from the East...

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