dimanche, janvier 29, 2012

Hang Tuah's Sorrow

What is my quest for one remains clear
I shall not waver in my cause
If my loyalty is worthy of its master
Even when all is lost, all is not lost

What am I, if not for my Sultan
Who is my Sultan without one so loyal
What is my people without our Sultan
Who is our Sultan without our people

For we are bound by the solemn oath
That of Demang Lebar Daun and Seri Teri Buana
Their fates and ours ever resolved
The new lands to respect the pact forever...’

Hang Tuah is our legendary hero
a warrior who lived during the Sultanate of Melaka.

During his lifetime, he travelled to China, Mecca and Rome. A skillful diplomat, Hang Tuah knew 12 languages,

and was a master of the silat, having trained under Guru Aria Putra of Melaka
and Sang Persanta Nata of Majapahit.

Today, 500 years later, the debate goes on whether Hang Tuah was a real person.

And yet, his purpose and personality was so strong,
until today he touches the lives of Malaysian like no other.

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Al-Manar a dit…

I do not think it matters to Malays whether there truly existed Hang Tuah or Pak Pander. What they symbolise is important, to emulate or distance ourselves from.

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Beautiful, Ninot. I appreciated the history afterwards as well. We need leaders like him today!!!!

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Pakcik,
So true. Here is my comment on FB on the matter.
Does it matter that some of our Prime Ministers are not 100% Melayu? Who is a 'pure blood' anyways nowdays with all of us descendents from mixed ethinicities...What matter are the deeds and legacy left behind. And Hang Tuah's legacy to us is a sense of PRIDE in ourselves as Malays, which ALL people should have, whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian or Canadian Inuit. Hang Tuah, Jose Rizal and Panglima Awang are Malay pioneers we can look at for inspiration.See more
22 January at 09:27

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sherry,
Most of us Malaysians, grew up knowing Hang Tuah, he looms larger than life. I am not too happy that his role is questioned. Most legendary figures are based on real deeds and real events in the past. That is enough for me.

In the Malay Annals, a book of our 'hikayat', a blend of historical fact and fiction on Malacca, Hang Tuah is mentioned in many of all the chapters. Written 500 years ago, I would say it's a good start for research. We also have a book dedicated to Hang Tuah called Hikayat Hang Tuah, acknowledged by UNESCO as a Heritage Memory Of The World.

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
And 500 years from now, there'll a hikayat depicting the antics of a learned blogging feline. Mark my word.

I wish I have a time travel machine - so that I can go back to the times of Hang Tuah...and be his cat. What would I be called? Hang Miau. purrr....meow!

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

I'm a silat man. There's a story on undocumented Malay history that circles around a few us.

Di Parsi dulu ada perang yang hebat melibatkan perang zahir dan sihir antara Raja itu dan Raja ini. Kami berpihak kepada Raja ini. Raja ini kalah. Kami pengikut-pengikut Raja ini bersama Raja ini melarikan diri ke satu tanah yang jauh dari negara asal kami.

Kami buka tanah itu, dinamakan tempat itu Kalaha, kerana kami orang "kalah" ('kalah' dalam bahasa Parsi maksudnya 'kalah'). Raja kami yang kalah ketika perang di Parsi dulu kami naikkan baginda menjadi Raja di Negeri Kalaha. Hidup kami makmur. Tanahnnya subur, kami bercucuk tanam dan melakukan perkara lain. Masyarakat dari jauh mula kenal tanah kami. Mereka datang dan menetap di tempat kami. Ada dari Cina. Ada dari India. Semua datang.

Sementara itu di negara Yaman, tujuh orang wali diperintah oleh guru mereka untuk menyebarkan ajaran Islam di satu tempat penghujung tanah Asia di Timur. Untuk mengIslamkan orangnnya, wali-wali tersebut perlu mengIslamkan Rajanya.

Kemudian mereka pergi ke satu puncak bukit di Yaman. Mengunakan karomah dan izin Allah, mereka melangkah kaki mereka dan terus sampai di Gunung Jerai, negeri Kalaha.

Setelah tiba di sana, salah seorang daripada mereka melaungkan azan untuk bersolat. Itulah azan pertama di Tanah Melayu, di puncak Gunung Jerai.

Wali-wali tersebut kemudian turun mencari Raja negeri Kala yakni Raja kami. Di negeri kami, sihir masih menjadi perkara biasa kerana asal kami dari puak yang banyak ilmu sihir.

Setelah disampaikan maksud oleh wali-wali tersebut kepada Raja kami, Raja kami menolak dakwah tersebut dengan satu syarat. Wali tersebut perlu berlawan dengan seorang pahlawan kami yang gagah, hebat ilmu peperangannya dan ilmu sihirnya. Wali itu menerima syarat tersebut. Dan berlakulah perlawanan.

Pahlawan kami menggunakan sihir. Wali itu menggunakan zikir dan karomah. Pahlawan kami kalah.

Sejak hari itu, Raja kami memeluk Islam. Kami rakyat jelata yang berbeza warna kulit, asal usul, bahasa ibunda mengikut Raja kami. Raja kami kemudian ditukar namanya kepada "Sultan". Kami rakyat jelata dipanggil "Malayu" -- orang pelarian dan orang yang tidak tetap asal-usulnya. Orang Malayu disatukan di bawah payung Islam.

Inilah asal usul bangsa Melayu; bangsa yang tidak tahu asal usul.

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

Juga ada history tentang Wali Tujuh ini yang menyusun kebanyakan amalan-amalan orang tua-tua kita zaman dulu.


Regarding Hang Tuah, I think he was a Chinese yang DiMelayukan oleh Sultan. Takrif "Melayu" zaman dulu tak sama dengan takrif "Melayu" zaman sekarang.

Apabila Hang Tuah berkata "Tak akan melayu hilang di dunia", he didn't refer to a particular race. He was referring to the communities who have the ciri-ciri orang Melayu. If you're an orang putih (or orang bulih) and you speak Melayu fluently, practice Melayu custom, and a Muslim; you're Melayu.

P/s: I like Kelatanese ladies. Their skin is putih and gebu.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Angelina of CfS,
I believe you are right!

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sir Pok Deng,
The legends evolve and come together on main issues.But will the interest survive.
Today in Star, a Korean 'chides' us gently for letting Jawi disappear.

Siapa yang nak dipersalahkan?

Cheqna a dit…

Ninot dear,

splendid post, and the comments are interesting as well..esp. Sir Pok Deng's..I'm curious to know about the Wali Tujuh..will he write about that?

ninotaziz a dit…

Aaahhhh, Cheqna. Sir Pok Deng is his own man. Sometimes he divulges his secrets and I am most grateful when he does. We'll see whether he elaborates esp. since you sama sama orang Gganu.

Wan Sharif a dit…

Thank you for reminding me that I have an identity, a root, culture, tradition, custom etc to defend against those who are keen to obliterate them from this Malay Land all together. I do not know for how long.. That we should remain divided by whatever our enemies have invented but I pray to The Almighty that may we be made to realise soon enough that we have no choice but to turn back to AlQuran and Assunnah if the Malay Muslims are ever to be a reckoning force..
Glad to know one columnist in Berita Harian wrote about who actually "mengharumkan nama negara".. Surely not the sportmen.. Comparing the contribution made by a goalkeeper who were rewarded with a bungalow to the likes of Shanon, Usman Awang , A Latif Mohideen.. I believed the sleeping Malay Muslim should be constantly reminded...

Wan Sharif a dit…

Shahnon Ahmad I mean..

Stafford Ray a dit…

Your interest and writing about Malay Culture keeps it alive, even for we Westerners.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Ayoh Wang,
I enjoy giving these reminders to myself and it is good if others can enjoy them too.

But more needs to be done.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Stafford, thank you for your email and yes, I do enjoy doing my bit to revive the Malay Culture. One of the strongest group the Malay Concordance Project actually originated in Australia.

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