mercredi, mai 25, 2005

Iman, the pre-teen

That's what Iman and her gang call themselves - pre-teens. By the way, the gang comprise Shawal - ms popular, smart, blog genius; Holly Szia - budding writer, witty, tall; Caryn - sweet, adorable; Farah - world traveller, going thru pain; Zulaikha - booklover, studious, Nicole - I have yet to get to know Nicole, she seems quiet and Iman - budding writer with her head bursting with stories (the first ever was The Treasure of Life), music and radio junkie, responsible, ultimate teen planner (that comes from juggling two families), activity go-getter, beastly at times to her sisters. And there's Ally in the UK.

When I see Iman at this stage in her life, I remember my growing up days fondly. But Iman is so much more resilient, capable and techno-savvy than I ever was.She loves playing jazzy numbers on the piano (when she's angry, the piano is played loud, fast and staccato) and sees the quirky and funny in many an odd situations. She insisted on tuition, insisted on camping despite her asma and so faithfully took her medication along, same thing when she was performing in Barbie Rapunzel when she had to wear a rabbit suit! A taskmaster when she teaches Inas, but she manages to put the points across. Wasn't it Anna, in The King And I, who said, 'By your students you are thought.' Anyway, Iman has grit and determination and I love her for it.

She would talk to me about almost everything and we'd buy books on subjects we find difficult to discuss like On The Spot.And discuss it anyway. And she'd be the first to ask me about lesbians and tell me to make sure 'night-activities' stay private!

Despite of my grumbling and yes, sometimes yelling about her room, her keys, her shoes, she really makes me proud and Iman, in life, as long as you do YOUR best, I am happy with that.

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