mercredi, mai 25, 2005

Inas, the violin-player

Of course Inas is so much more than the violin player.

She is the mirror of emotions, the dancer, my rhymemaker, homemaker, little architect, cartoonist, animal lover. She loves her bicycle and wants to learn French (I suspect so that she can study Architecture in Paris where the Louvre Museum and the I Pei pyramid are). I also suspect when Inas was smaller, she had ESP for she could relate a lot of things I never knew she was in the know and could always, ALWAYS locate missing items.

But when she plays the violin, she is a marvel and her music comes through as happy, enchanting and beautifully haunting as well. And Inas herself? She radiates. And becomes an angel.

Inas' BFF is Shahida, a tall lanky sweet child who made the news two weeks ago when she was chased by two rottweilers, saved only by a neighbour who saw her tearing, dashing away on her bike before falling into a drain. They call each other daily and have sleepovers. But Inas is also the sister who knows just how to make Ilena smile or brings back sweets for Irani.

All the girls love their books, even Ilena, and Inas loves her Enid Blyton most of all. And her Art Attack magazines. And her Fairytale anthology.

And I love her just the way she is.

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