mercredi, octobre 05, 2005


My dearest aunt, albeit a bit strange and flamboyant, passed away in August. Auntie Yah took care of me when I was little. She would make sure we are scrubbed clean after playing in the rain and check our school bags for any 'extra' coins which would somehow make its way there. She was also my father's secretary. She would make the loveliest Sardine Sandwiches using an iron, and make the most marvellous nasi goreng. When I was going through my divorce, she was a tower of strength and Iman, Inas and I stayed with her in a shoplot on the 4th floor, after leaving Jaf.

Long before anybody could tolerate the idea of me marrying Rudi for the variety of reasons, Auntie Yah and Shahrul became his best buddies, Rudi becoming an ardent admirer of her cooking. Those were blissful days, poor but quite enchanting.

I wanted so much for Auntie Yah to stay with us come December when we move to Rawang. But it was not meant to be. On 27 August,2005 I was at UH, never really accepting the fact that she might be leaving us...evenwhile I was reading the Yassin. I was so preoccupied in doing the right thing, making sure Shahrul gets to see his mother one last time, consoling him when she was finally no longer with us, I forgot to remember the times.

Today, on he first day of Ramadhan, I will say a little prayer for her, May she rest in peace.

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