dimanche, octobre 09, 2005


They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops.

It did for me. Rudi was playing volleyball and the way he moved caught my eye. He was certainly beautiful to look at.

But then, he smiled and I immediately, irrevocably fell in love.

Since then, so much has happened and yet in some ways, time stood still. I remember riding on his motorbike throughout the night, just stopping anywhere and everywhere to chat. He would read me poetry on the balcony and play 'memory' with Iman and put Inas on his shoulders. The first concert we saw together with the girls was KRU at PWTC.

It's the little things that count. That he would take me to see Moulin Rouge - without me asking and rent Monalisa Smile for me. During my writing spells - where I write and research for hours at a stretch, particularly over a weekend, he would take the kids out. Today, I love the way he reads Barney to Irani and plays with Ilena.

There were so many things - kerang bakar, telling him the story of The Little Prince by De Antoine Saint-Exupery, billiards, trainrides, becha rides...little things like little miniature cards and smart tag readers to make my ride to work a little more easier.

When we are in Kelantan, I need not ask for anything. It is as if he can anticipate whatever I need and have his sisters send it to me.

After being unable to write for so many years, I immediately started writing again the day after I met Rudi. And have now completed 2 books.

I told someone, when I am happy nowadays, it is as if I am the happiest woman on earth. And when I am unhappy, it is as if all the anger can't contain my fury.

I thank God for Rudi, my Sundancer, husband and best friend.

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