samedi, février 22, 2020


poetry left me at the door
it felt final, i was not quite sure
she was truly not
coming back 

I was caught in life’s net
of such important things, you bet
that mattered not, actually
I was one to fret
when to step back

into the life I have chosen
I pay tribute to this passion
over words, over stories
yearning to return
word woven

poems to embrace
Is the true life of grace
I crawl over pages
finding my way 
finding my grace

poetry, my life

by ninot aziz

Copyright (c) 2020 ninotaziz

Note: Finding inspiration from 7th century poet Li Bai, Tang Dynasty

1 commentaire:

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

What I LOVE about poetry is, the words are always right there, waiting, when we come back. Lovely to read you, my friend.

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