samedi, novembre 14, 2015

The Patriots - A Late Night interview

I enjoy my occasional get togethers with The Patriots gang, an NGO deeply rooted in Nusantara independent research. President Jamalee Bashah heads the group that forms one of the top ten FB groups, Helmi Effendy is its main writer, Nur Hussein, a seasoned documentary producer.

I am the official Hikayat storyteller at TP, constantly promoting our legends as a source of keeping us rooted, a heritage to be shared and kept alive - in words, in theatre, in dance.

In our lives.

3 commentaires:

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

So what's your pseudonym, ma'am? Ratu Garuda? Ratu Naga? Srikandi?

ninotaziz a dit…

ninotaziz, pure and simple.

how are you SPD, and your writing?

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

I'm great I think. I really want to write beautiful stories again, but smartphones make me dumb. Hihi.

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