mardi, juin 08, 2010

Palestine - the 21st century holocaust

I am thinking about the men and women who inspired me when I was a child, wondering why Christina Aguilera sounds like Donna Summer and visualising Melaka in 1262.

And remembering the terror of Bhopal 1984.

But before I move on to these meandering thoughts of mine - I face this reality. I can slip away while I am seated at this very same spot and imagine for a while that there will be a day when bulldozers and dehumanised commandos are no longer killing terrorised civilians living on a strip of a land called Gaza. I did not have to resign while I rant and rave about how I really feel about the Palestine issue. I can smile while I hear my daughter playing La Vie En Rose on the piano.

Not so the children of Gaza.

And yet, there seems to be light at the end of the VERY long and narrow tunnel. Egypt seems to be buckling under humanitarian pressure. Erdogan is following up on his immediate reaction, ensuring those who listen that this was not merely a knee-jerk reaction.

Let's keep up the pressure.

Signing off.

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