jeudi, juin 24, 2010

One Night at Lake Club

I mentioned sometime ago that I haven't been to the Lake Club for a while...

So when I received an invitation from En Jon [the stern and very much loved Uncle Jon to all 5 daughters] to attend the Tai Chi fellowship night, incidently in memory of the late Mr Nyam to join his widow and my good friend Michelle, his eldest daughter, I said yes without hesitation. Earlier during the day at work, everyone asked why I had this beautiful golden sam foo jacket hanging in my office, I just smiled. At the golf club, generally everyone went straight home after work. Or dressed down, not up after work on a Wednesday night - special priced movie night at the Pavilion by the way. But then, I was going to The Orchid and wanted to be prim and proper [in my mind, still the Orchid Room...]

At 6.00pm, I arrived in a taxi through the familiar guard-house. Stopped and met Michelle who dutifully registered me as her guest while we waited for En Jon to appear. We dropped by the beauty salon's corner and Ayin, the beautician gave me a big and warm hug. Quickly added me to her facebook page. We then walked over to the Clubhouse and from all corners, the warm and cheery greetings from the staff enveloped me. Intan, Kak Ham, Kokdiang...oooo too many to mention. Mokhtar, Puchong and Anuar. It was like a home-coming.

Orchid Room looked splendid and I was glad to see the fresh orchids back in bloom - compliments to Bonnie, the Club florist, I am sure - a tradition started by Puan Sri Aida Nik Daud in the days of Tun Razak - another trusted Lake Club comrade and advisor. The chairs were beautifully re-upholstered and side tables displayed beautiful bottles and decorations. There was not one single light-bulb out. The band was one of my favorites - Centrepage with Azimah taking centrestage who waved from the stage when I walked past.

Old friends made my day. Julie Ong-Yeoh came over with heart-felt wishes and news of her son Damien, another old friend. Ms Amu sat beside me fascinating all with her animated stories and philosophy. Kakanda Yap Yok Foo and C T Lau - with his inevitable question, how many kids, Zalina?

The 5-course dinner was delightful in such pleasant company.

After dinner, we proceeded for a night of karaoke. First, we dropped by the Batik Bar and I was happy to see Carol and many many others whom I will not mention for fear they would like to stay anonymous. The Verandah reminded me of the Birdpark down the road, sturdier in looks and just as relaxing. By the time we reached the Theatre [which I dubbed as 'my theatre' as it was built to screen all the blockbusters I used to personally select many years ago every month] , Ms Amu sang Bila Larut Malam and Irene sang a lovely Mandarin number. En Jon was gearing for his own mandarin number...alas, it was time to end Karaoke for the night.

Aha! England was battling a do-a-die World Cup match. So we sauntered over to the Sports Bar [Zinnia just doesn't sit well with me] and guess what, I finally found a place which features 80s music like Under Pressure, Just an Illusion and Berlinda Carlisle's songs. No Sweet Dreams by Annie Lennox though. No matter.

England won! What better way to end the night.

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Cat-in-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Such is life. England won 1-0 and goes to Round 2. My Socceroos won 2-1 yet didn't qualify. Oh Mama said must do the karaoke again someday... har har har *evil laughs*

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