mardi, juin 08, 2010

Remembering Bhopal

I can't recall what I did on 7th December 1984. I was in Ottawa and most likely it was a cold wintry day. However, I was clearly troubled by the news, troubled enough to write this poem:

Why did those thousand of people
Have to choke and gasp for air
That tragic day down in Bhopal
The news goes on, do we care?

As one staggered down the streets
Trying to keep on his feet
Struggling for the painful last breath
Surrendering into the arms of Death

Innocent, unknowingly children
In panic, not knowing where to turn
Though poor, once had their own games
The laughter, now forgotten days...

Did any of them have any notion
Did they live to the fullest the day before
Cyanide stopping enzymes in action
Death seeping through those thin doors

And maybe among those in fear
Are the one who loses less than life
Well, this is an unfortunate year
Lets plan ahead with better dice

Dice indeed, for risky chance
Right before our promising future
Around us comfort and Christmas'
Blocks out the bare, ugly picture

Man's progress, man's mistake
Who's to blame, how can one pay
As those in need, queue up in thousands
Oh, when will men learn...

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