jeudi, juin 17, 2010


World Cup fans soldier on. Night after night. Many have their own technics to stay awake the next day.

Today, someone told me he watches the game at 7.30pm, 10.30pm and then goes to sleep. Wakes up at 5.30am in time to catch the highlights of the 2.30am game. Smart guy. But no, I can't do that coz I watch World Cup the Facebook way. Frustrations and jubilations are immediately shared with my kaki Facebook ! Yes, that's you, Trevor!

At the office, it is increasingly difficult to stay awake at 3.30pm. I have scheduled all appointments to lunchtime. Between the refreshing apple and celery juice and grilled cod fish, I manage to be convincing and entertaining to the other party. Especially since I stay on top of all the latest World Cup juicy details. And can rattle on about the best goal keepers. But it is still early days.

As for the football itself, I must say, it's the usual unpredictable game which allows for upbeat debate the next day. Wow, what happened to the much hyped up Spain game! Why did Ivory Coast decide to give away the corner? With Cristiano and diver-icon-turned-African-football-icon Didier Drogba [albeit for only 15 minutes] on the field, how come there were so few attempts at the net? Why didn't Germany do this in Germany 2006? What happened in the last 15 minutes of the South Africa-Uruguay game? Italy - so old but not so slow. Spot on footwork. Obviously money talks as Olympic goal medallist and ex-Euro Cup champs Greece fazes out. Well, at least Netherlands was predictable. The Dutch play football like the beautiful game it is.

Aahhh...the bouncing Jabulani[which Rooney attested is good for strikers : we'll agree when he scores tomorrow night] and the vuvuzelas have us all even more stressed out than the usual World Cup season. I blame the vuvuzelas for the buzzing in my head at the moment.

And the biggest of them all so far, will Robert Green get to live down his school boy fumble - ever?


Can you just believe the brilliant goal after goal and relentless attacking game by Messi and gang? Now that's world class football!

A few days ago, it was announced that the most common footballer name is Gonzales. Well, certainly Gonzalo Hoguain is no common footballer - what a debut to the World Cup!

Way to go Diego Maradona!


And Greece regains some respect. At least the Greeks will have something to cheer about.

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remgold a dit…

long live the argies!
hee kena pekik sikit sebelum mereka jumpa s.korea. takut kalah pulak team maradona ni.
football is like life. prepare as much as u want, the ball is round.

ninotaziz a dit…

You must be in seven heaven now, Sir Remgold. Brilliant play by Argentina. Can you imagine what Diego Maradona must be feeling now?

Wan Sharif a dit…

The Argies won by 4-1. Messi as expected was his usual mesmerizing self. He combined well with Aguero and Higuain , they created havocs to Korean defenders and numerous chances that only brilliant action of Korean goalkeeper saved the Korean from losing by a bigger margin. The Argies will be the favorite to win the cup now..

ninotaziz a dit…

Saudara Wan,

It is still early days...

England forever!

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