samedi, juin 12, 2010


For the die-hard England fans, the WORLD CUP 2010 begins tonight.

The Sun:
Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday called Capello, 63, the most important man in the country. But the Italian smiled: "No, no. I'm a normal man ... but my job is important at this moment because the World Cup is important for the country, the fans, but also for me.
It's fantastic, it's exciting and it's a tough job. You can feel that, behind you, you have a whole country. You have to live for one month with policemen, Press conferences every day, TV, everything at every moment. You switch on the television and it's all about the World Cup. There is really strong pressure from the media and everything. We have to live with this pressure. It's not easy. But I try and we try."

Pretty much how all of us feel as we lay in suspense for tonight's clash.

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