samedi, juin 04, 2011


A year ago, my editor over at Utusan Publishers asked me to write a book on my garden. However, I was 'embroiled' in Hikayat and after that, Legends Of Asia. So IFTG was a project shelved for quite some time.

After writing Legends Of Asia, I no longer have any appetite for hikayat, folklore and legends. Well, for the time being at least. And yet, not writing felt strange. So I revisited IFTG and arranged a meeting with Mr Lam Peng Sam.

Mr Lam was a columnist for gardening in many of the top dailies including STAR, UTUSAN and NEW STRAITS TIME. I have always enjoyed his articles and home-made marmalade. Both Mr Lam and Mrs Lam and their daughter Evelyn are good friends. Needless to say, I was grateful and relieved - not to mention happy, when Mr Lam agreed to co-write IFTG with me.

This would be a collaboration of the young and old, the expert and the enthusiast on many levels. I look forward to this journey.


Photo : My passionfruit on our garden fence

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Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Lovely! Looking forward to it. Aunty Ninot, Mama's asking if you know about alumni dinner on July 2nd? purrr...meow!

ninotaziz a dit…

No, I had no idea. I will check it out...Thanks to your Mama. I take it she is going?

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Just call or email Aunty Aimy. purrr...meow!

ninotaziz a dit…

Aunty Aimy anak sakit. Iman is in hospital.

Wan Sharif a dit…

Mmmm.. like the in progress.. can see some headway has been established! ;))

ninotaziz a dit…

Oh yes, Ayoh Wang. About 138 pages in progress already. In addition, Mr Lam is coming up with brilliant guidance on how to care for about 60 plants that can flourish in a normal Malaysian household with some land.

It's fun!

Wan Sharif a dit…

I guess work can be accomplished much better and at a faster pace if one enjoys it (as well enjoys the set of people that accompanies it) and I believed I can understand it well as I have enjoyed most of the tasks/people that I have to perform/work with while exploring for Malaysian black gold ;))

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