mardi, juin 21, 2011

Five books on my table

Iman is now at matriculation college and finally enjoys a measure of independence. Inas is living with her grandma Tok Wan so that she can attend aschool which offers engineering drawing to pursuit her life long ambition to be an architect. Therefore, we have two unused rooms. So, I combined their belongings, whatever is still here, mainly their books, posters and furniture, and converted Iman's room into their private den when they come home. I ended up with one empty room. But not for long. I moved a console table from the kitchen, a chair, a bookcase, a wooden chest from the living room and some pots from the garden into the spare room, and then transfered all my Malaysiana books here - hence my Nusantara reading room was born..

It is still a meagre collection. I have one shelf of Hikayat and syair, one shelf of modern Malaysiana books by authors like Tash Aw, Karim Raslan and Adibah Amin. Tan Sri Adam Kadir and Datin Vasanthi Ramachandran. And more.

But on my writing desk, next to late grandpa's old typewriter I have placed six books (the one I am reading is on the side table in the same room) I consider my favourite contemporary Malaysian books.

Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan, Shahnon Ahmad
1515, Faisal Tehrani
Tan Sri A Samad Ismail Menulis
Harmony Silk Factory, Tash Aw
IMAM, Abdullah Hussain
The Twice Born, Uma Mahendran

By the way, late Grandma's tea set is also in this room.

I love my new Nusantara Room.

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Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Oh, it does sound wonderful, Nino! I am in the midst of moving myself, and the most fun of all will be re-housing my kazillion books back onto the shelves. I have purged a ton of Stuff but have barely given up a book, it is too hard to part with them - the friends and companions and shapers of my life. So glad your daughters are pursuing their dreams - and such good dreams! Lovely.I love these glimpses of your family:)

Wan Sharif a dit…

A good way to increase your space .. the result , I believed is worth all the effort.. Nusantara reading room.. how nice and how blessed!!!.
I used to read a lot of books when they are not always within my means ( I used to borrow them from those 20 sen a book rental stores in Seremban..western books mostly other than "Carpet Beggar (Harold Robin)" and the likes. Used to borrow books from a lady cousins.. ending up reading those woman's romance books).. he, he.
Nowadays I only foray thru few books and take about a month to finish one compared to one or two days previously.. I am digging into those religous info from internet/blogs and books and spend more time reading blogs of friends ;).
Oh!! envy, envy you for your unwavering devotion to your reading "past times" :)

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sherry,
It is wonderful giving these precious books their own room. I know how hard it is to part with books. Need to move as many to the upper floors - one never knows with the weather nowdays. You take care, Sherry!

Ayoh Wang,
Oh the experimental days when we read Carpetbeggar...I still get to read about 6 to 8 books a month now. But tak cukup duit / time to browse book stores nak beli buku baru for myself! No excuse!

ninotaziz a dit…

Hhhmmm, just realised that Grandma's teaset and Granpa's typewriter have found each other in this room. I think this is the perfect room to bring out all the old photos - of Great Grandpa Tok Awang Pekan, Tok Nik, Moyang Dayang, Moyang Bebunga, Tok Ki and all!

Next project for my Nusantara Room!

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Ahhh...wanna help Mama unpack 15 boxes of books from Down Under? purrr...meow!

ninotaziz a dit…

Urgh...Angelina. Your Mama and I are literally birds of the same flock. When I came back from Canada, other people come back with dinnerware and stuff, I came back with a chest and 10 boxes of books!

Al-Manar a dit…

Nusantara reading room. I call mine 'Suara Ombak' because it is a very private room facing the sea, hence the name. But my ten grandchildren, whenever they are holidaying here, turn this into their play room, still calling it 'Suara Ombak' all the same.

ninotaziz a dit…

Oh yes, Ayoh Wang mentioned it is a very lovely room. Insyaallah, sampai juga suatu hari...

little ain a dit…


kinda sound like a mini library to me. i got a lot of books too. and it's been my dream since forever to have one in my house soon i got married. heee :D

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