jeudi, juin 30, 2011

Sailing To Glendorra

Hold my hand, Eva
And never let me go
Whisper in my ear, forever
How you love me so...

But the boats to Glendorra
Are sailing tonight my dear
Listen how the wind calls
Listen to my unspoken fears

Your wings, barely mortal
Your heartbeat next to mine
Charts our lonely existance
As your days measure my lifetime

I long to sail with you, I must
To the land of elven lore
But my hands would turn to dust
While yours, smooth forever more

And yet I would choose my path
Live a life on the journey
Gaze at stars, twinkling above
As the world listens to me

Singing on the boat to Glendorra...

Pour Glendorra

Je choisirais mon chemin
Vivre une vie sur le trajet
Aimez étoiles, un clin-dessus
Alors que le monde m'écoute

Chanter sur le bateau pour Glendorra

Mencari Glendorra

Ku belayar tinggi di awan
Pelayaran hidupku tersendiri
Ditemani bintang berkelipan
Dengarlah rintihanku ini

Berlayar mencari Glendorra


Written for the Magpie Tales and OneShotPoetry

5 commentaires:

little ain a dit…

beautiful :)

Wan Sharif a dit…

the poem is just magnifique,
a romantic journey for two..

Wan Sharif a dit…

the poem is just magnifique,
a romantic journey for two..

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

Beautiful one, ma'am. Can't imagine what have you eaten to make yourself so creative to compose this soulful romantic poem.

ninotaziz a dit…

Thank you little ain.

Ayoh Wang, Angelina's Mum and I had a blast last night. And mentioned you. Apologies tapi semua yang baik baik belaka.

Sir Pok Deng,
At the moment, oat n raisin toast!

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