vendredi, juin 17, 2011

The neighbourhood gas station

I was rushing for a press conference.

Never mind the mismatched shoes that had to be changed and quick bite into my kaya toast at the door. I was out of the house by 7.00am as planned. Quickly settled into my morning drive which I usually enjoy. But this morning, instead of my meditations and songs, I was busy smsing my staff on the last minute preparations. Etc etc etc

Suddenly, Bang! gduk...gduk...gduk. The car sounded real weird. I stopped the car and stepped out. Ahah! A flat tyre. What do I do? No, I am not one of those ladies who will get down to it and change my flat tyre. It's one of my few shortcomings. We can't all be perfect. Super Mum. Super career woman. Super dunking all life's curveballs.

Luckily, I was quite close to the Shell station.

I stop by this station every morning for the office newspaper and Kit Kat and stuff (I know it's not economical) but seriously, this people give me the right perk before I go to work. They say Hello, notice if you're late or early, remind me to take out my Bonus Link card because Rudi always does that, etc etc tease me about being the most ardent Kit Kat fan. Say something nice when you've made an extra effort with the way you look. They are just super nice.

Well this morning of my disaster of phenomenal proportions, they came to my rescue. When they saw me trudging along, the staff did not hesitate. They changed my tyre, and engine oil. Within 30 minutes I was on my way again - with a smile...

The neighbourhood gas station is like the internet. You can find everything there. The news. Social network. Cookies.

Thank you Shell.


A couple of years ago, coming back from Kelantan, fire came out from under our car at a Shell station in Grik. Before we knew it, the emergency shut off was triggered, the staff dragged us away from the car while their colleagues put out the fire within a slit second.

They were so well trained.

We ended up sleeping at the rest house and the episode was a little adventure. Alhamdulillah..


Anyway, as I was leaving the gas station, I remembered. Aaahhh.....I forgot to baca Bismillah and ayat qursi that morning. You see, life has its little lessons...


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Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

I enjoy these vignettes of your life, Ninot! And human beings can be so kind. I love the sound of your neighbourhood gas station.

ninotaziz a dit…
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ninotaziz a dit…

I know Sherry. It's just the kind of neighbourhood place to have, love and appreciate.

Wan Sharif a dit…

A nice neighbourhood gas station.. Alhamdulillah you have them to come to your rescue in your time of distress.
I heard about that Ayatul Kursi.. I am for one to always forget to start things /activities with Bismillah.. may Allah forgive me for that..:)

little ain a dit…

heee :)

glad everything is okay :)

yap, start things with Bismillah and end things with Alhamdulillah :)

u forgot because u were in a hurry this morning :)

remgold a dit…

Do what i do to protecf myself against potential car problems - keep the numbers of at least two car workshops that u often go to. Esp mobile numbers of the bosses.

So if Najis Happens and u are not near petrol station at least u can try to get these guys that u know to come over. Even if not immediately they will feel obliged to come over as they u.
And for goodness sakes, join AAM if u havent! Peace of mind in case battery kaput in morning, tyre flat, engine explode.

ninotaziz a dit…

Engine explode, Sir Remgold? Yikes!

Ayoh Wang, when I am driving with the girls, they will remind me to read Ayatul Qursi if I forgot. It has become a ritual for us as we drive off anywhere...

Dear little ain,
Yes, I was in a hurry. But we really should not forget our Bismillah for anything.

Sir Remgold
My usual SOP was to call hubby. But you are right, I should take this matters into my own hands. He introduced me to his mechanics yesterday. The bosses. Sigh...keeping my eye on that Toyota Rush though....

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
If you had called me, I would have cuddled and comforted you while those guys rescued your car. Anyway....Mama said see you on July 2nd. purrr...meow!

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