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Bik Een binti Sacin with Ikesha

Bik came into our lives in 2006. We were moving to our new home, far away from the madding crowd. Far away from Tok Wan and family. All that was familiar.

Familiar babysitter. Familiar routes. Familiar routines.

So my friend Ain introduced someone heaven-sent. When we first saw her photo, I was delighted because we needed someone a little bit older to keep an eye on four girls ranging from four to thirteen. Toddler to teen. Terrifying. Tender.

And little did we know, a baby too - barely nine months later.

From the first moment we met her at the airport, Ilena immediately felt at ease with Bik. She cuddled close to Bik all the way home from the airport. Soon we forgot life as it had been before Bik came into our lives. She went with us almost everywhere. To the movies. The first movie we took Bik to was Nanny Mc Phee. We went to Kelantan. To Pangkor.

Picnics at the playground.

Bik never allowed the girls to go on the school bus unattended. For five years, at lunchtime, she would faithfully wait outside the house for the girls to arrive. In the afternoon, after the girls have had their lunch and done their homework, they would all walk together to Uztazah's house for Quran classes. Bik would again faithfully wait for the girls. Exclaiming how well Ikesha is doing at the end of the day.

The love of Bik's eye was of course Ikesha. Neighbours talked about how Ikesha and Bik chatted away in the morning after Ikesha came home from kindergarten. They would sit at our infamous [now gone after thieves carried the set away right in front of Bik's eyes] wrought iron garden set, having lunch. Ikesha would then insist on gathering flowers. When Bik went back to Indonesia for Hari Raya , almost a yearly affair, she would be calling Ikesha every other day just to hear her voice.

When Iman moved to college, Bik made sure she had her favourite sambal sotong when we visited. Bik cooked all Inas' favourite dishes when she comes home. I always had tea waiting and sambal ikan bilis and biscuits for that late night snack when I was busy writing. In fact, after work, Bik and I would chat about the day as I prepare the homework for the girls the next day.

Gardening was our shared passion.

A couple of years back, Bik got REALLY ill. We feared for her life. That story was told here. Thank God Bik survived. But we knew then, she was getting weaker and weaker by the year. Her feet not as strong. The stairs became more and more daunting.

In addition, Bik's financial status back home has made her one of the richest ladies in her village. She has paddy fields, orchards and three houses. Recently, she built a madrasah for the children. It was time for Bik to take a rest.

To retire.

Before she went home for good, Bik's request was that I really take care of her chillies. After years trying, finally the chilly trees she planted are producing lovely and healthy green chillies!

She would be so proud.

A few nights ago, Ikesha added this to our nightly doa before going to sleep.

'Ya Allah...Selamatkan lah Bik ku...'

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Wan Sharif a dit…

Ya Allah selamatkanlah bik Ikesha..
that was a very nice addition .. for our loved one or at least to one that used to be a good part of our life..
It does not matter.. a bibik or our teachers.. those who sow good seeds will reap good and bountiful harvest.. Non?!

Cheqna a dit…

Ninot dear,

A very touching tribute to a loved one..your Bik is blessed to have been with you and family.

Cheqna :-)

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Ayoh Wang,

Bik certainly sow (sown...I am lost here) good seeds in our lives. But Ikesha is at the moment a bit upset as she was hoping Bik would recover to come back to us.

I feel it is always important to tell Ikesha, and all my girls, the truth in all matters as far as possible. Bik is too old to continue to be with us...we would have loved it if she stayed with indefinitely.

Still, we have adjusted and have a WONDERFUL baby sitter and a cleaning lady who is amazing.

And life goes on.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Cheqna,

I am still mad with myself that I did not get to see you, and Habs and Kak Puteri at Ayoh Wang's Raya do.

Yes, we are blessed to have known Bik.

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

Your Bik looks like my step grandma. She's a very good cook. He knows my favourite; the paprik and fish head curry.

This is what happen if we shows kindness to all. Not even death can break our memories together apart.

May Allah saves Bik.

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
I've never met your Bik but this entry made me teary eyed. What if you all go and visit her? purr...meow!

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Angelina,
We intend to. Insyaallah.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sir Pok Deng,
It was a relationship of kindness, both ways. She was quite a unique person.

Did you ever read Nancy Drew? Bik is our Hannah. Mary Poppins. Nanny Mc Phee.

When I come home late, the girls pray with her.

Irani was her confidant. The kids in the neighbourhood feared her for she was strict with the coming and goings. My neighbours loved her. The workers around, rubbish collectors, gardeners and other maids respected her. Tje rubbish collectors asked for kasidang and pandan when they passed by, and Bik always remembered to bring Uztazah some bunga kantan when ot flowers.

I could go on and on. However , one good thing. It was timely. As the girls need to learn independence.

ninotaziz a dit…

Sir Pok Deng,
You sound normal away fr your blog.

Wan Sharif a dit…

Arghhh now I know Cheqna.. :)

Sir Pök Déng a dit…

I have split personalities. Keh! Keh! Keh!

Kak Teh a dit…

This reminds me of Bibik Atiq who looked after my mak. She's gone back now. I had also written about her. Anyway, a lovely tribute. Can I link you on my blog?

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Kak Teh,

How lovely to see you. Incidently, your post on teaching on-line is making me seriously thinking about business on-line. Nice to see Kitchen Guardian doing so well!

I will look for your piece on Bibik Atiq.

Please do link me!

ninotaziz a dit…

By the way, Kak we have a mutual friend, NoorFuzana Yaakub?

She is my ever supportive editor!

Kak Teh a dit…

yes, Fuzana is a very dear friend and almost a sister of mine. how did you know her? But you are in the writing business and she is too...small world. I will leave you a link on Bibik Atiq here..and also link you on my blog. am seriously coming back to blogging. Yes, online thingies are the trend nowadays. i was coached by a life coach' - three sessions to help me get off my you know what...and I think it helps. and then I had several sessions of coaching on online teaching.. Its exciting!

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