mardi, septembre 28, 2010

The most romantic movies ever

This is my list of the most romantic movies ever.

Just the thing to fall in love again...with all time classic Romeo and Juliet 1968 as my favourite.

Chocolat - Sinfully delicious

Moulin Rouge - Heartbreaking...

Shakespeare In Love

I will have poetry in my life
And adventure
And love

Titanic - Thunderous

Notting Hill - a bubble of joy

Cyrano de Bergerac - A movie of epic proportions

Romeo & Juliet

My only love sprung from my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, & known too late!

3 commentaires:

remgold a dit…

i like (not love) chocolat and shakespeare in love.
titanic can lah - when i first watched it, i was wondering in the first one hour, BILA ini kapal nak tenggelam!?! only later did i realise this was a love story. not a disaster movie. yawn.

apa nama itu - sinfully delicious - what is that? cant find in google lei.

my fav movies are all those that have 10,000 people killed in the first 10min. better still, the world as we know it had already ended!
like the terminator movies and aliens.
chronicles of riddick (the world got blasted into nothingness! yay!!!)
hahaha. yes i have a twisted mind. hahaha.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sir Remgold,
I have another list for best sci-fi, in which Dune, Terminator and Stargate feature and yet another for best drama for movies like The English Patient. Favourite French Movies and a separate category for foreign movies. A category for Sean Connery alone! Children classics like Mary Poppins, Sound of Music and Nanny McPhee.

Movies watched with my Dad
The Ten Commandments, Inferno, Home Alone...

I guess you can say I just love movies.

Ahhh, my narration is not very clear. Sinfully delicious is my description for Chocolat. Don't you think Johnny Depp looks gorgeous without a costume in Chocolat (since you can appreciate good looking footballers - I had to ask...)

remgold a dit…

Aha! now it's clearer.
Yeah Abang Johnny ni memang mamat hensome. Dia banyak makan coklat, tak lama lagi kena diabetes macam saya.
let me try and find Chocolat at Mustaffa's Centre. i watched it a long time ago, in a place far away.

eh, next u must list your fav books! one list for fiction, another for sci-fi and another for serious books.

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