mardi, septembre 14, 2010

Hari Raya Not So Long Ago and Now

This smile on my daughter's face reminded me why we 'Balik Kampung'' every year. This picture was taken at her Tok Mek's house. I have detailed and placed pictures of this year's trip home in my family journal blog here. It was a memorable trip to say the least.

Two years ago after Hari Raya I was inspired to set up a new blog on pantun, the first post was one of my first pantun entitled Tapai Pulut inspired by the tapai my mother-in-law made that year.

Tapai pulut daun rambai
Masak ranum dek taburan ragi
Mari kita beramai ramai
Balek kampung beraya lagi

Masak ranum dek taburan ragi
Di makan bersama teh bunga
Balek kampung beraya lagi
Hari Lebaran sungguh mulia

Dimakan bersama teh bunga
Tak tinggal jua lemang dan rendang
Hari Lebaran sungguh mulia
Yang dekat tersayang, yang jauh dikenang

And yet I feel a bit blue coming back in KL. Before Hari Raya, I was upset over the advert on TV3. After Hari Raya, all over the news, the investigation of the gruesome murder of self-made millionaire Datuk Sosilawati is scrutineered in detail. The murder of the Ustazah and child by a neighbour is resolved in lightning speed. Three teenagers go gallivanting during Hari Raya for days whereabouts unknown causing heartache to a worried mother.

In the days surrounding Hari Raya, a pastor from Florida showed how me crazy the world can get. I was therefore gratified to see a post by a fellow poet and blogger, Stafford Ray.

Stafford demonstrated there is still hope for this world.

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Wan Sharif a dit…

Woke up to do Late night prayer (Isyak) .. only to notice there is live MU vs Celtic game on ESPN HD..
A lot of gruesome happening is peaceful Malaysia nowadays.. some Ustazs relate it to the fact that we Muslim did not follow enough.
Hudud is one thing.. Khishash is another.. both are in the chapter 2 ..same as fasting in Ramadhan was commanded..
On a lighter note.. we in Trengganu made tapai using daun jambu laut..

Cat-in-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Wow! That's one tapai that this cat can't eat...kucing kalau makan pulut nanti bulu semua gugur! G;ad you have a relaxing Eid in the kampung. WIsh I could be there too.... purrr....meow!

Stafford Ray a dit…

First thank you for the link to my blog "Burn a bible day".
I am not surprised to read you were born in Australia and not surpried your stories are being published.
In answer to your question, if you are planning another book that spans Malay/Austalian cultures I could write you a few about my visits to Indonesia in the early 1900's when I tried to initiate a new agricultural industry in Flores. Some are about the good things I found, mainly about lovely people I met and some more confronting.
Contact me via e-mail for more detail.

Lynette Killam a dit…

I enjoyed this post so much, even though I couldn't understand it all! It's great to read about places I haven't been to. I must say the photo of your daughter is one of the most charming portraits I've sweet she is...)


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