lundi, mai 04, 2009

Langkasuka The Movie

Rudi asked me to watch a Thai movie last night , The Queens of Langkasuka - the story of Raja Haejoo, Raja Beeroo and Raja Agnhu.

Of course I recognised them for our own Ratu Hijau, Ratu Biru and Ratu Ungu of Patani in the late 1600s(ref:101 Puteri Melayu by Museum Negara)

The movie had me spellbound, the set, the costumes, the historical background. The royal palaces were vividly detailed, the costumes of Malay royalty and nobility rich and the ships resembling the lancang kuning, magnificent.

It was action packed, creative and more. History, myth and storytelling morphed into a timeless classic. Though it was a Thai production, my appreciation soared - I look forward to more productions of this nature.

Thank you Rudi for knowing me so well.

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