samedi, mars 28, 2009

60 Earth Hour

Here we are at home Iman Inas Irani Ilena Ikesha Megat Alysha Azreen Aqib Tiara And Bik celebrating Earth Hour.

We are having a picnic in the garden and Inas Iman & Megat have put up candles all around.

Irani wants to be a star

Inas wants to be a dancer on planet Mars

Iman wants to be a super student

Alysha dreams of being kindergarten teacher, photographer and fashion designer
and to travel the world

Ilena says she is the Island girl

Megat thinks he is going to be a hero

Aqib wants to get married buy a house and become a cartoonist

Azreen wants to be a super girl

Tiara wants to be a cat girl

Bik wants to go back to Indonesia for Hari Raya

I have all I want with Rudi by my side but would love Hikayat to be published this year

Ikesha wants to blow out all the candles

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