mercredi, décembre 04, 2013

Calistro Prize Short List 2013

The Calistro Prize is an annual award that aims to encourage 
and celebrate the creation of Malaysian stories by Malaysians for Malaysian children and teenagers.

The objectives of the Calistro prize are as follows:

To promote the creation of Malaysian stories for children and teenagers
To reward excellence of Malaysian content in fiction for children and teenagers.
To support Malaysians writing for children and teenagers.

The prize is sponsored by Calistro Consultants Ltd, a small management consultancy specialising in strategy in over 40 countries (including Malaysia) for both the public and private sectors. Calistro is committed to education and the arts, central to which are skills in language and the visual arts.

On 1st December 2013, the Calistro Prize Secretariat announced the Short List

Crescendo by Chris Lin
Gameworld by Su Ann Lee
The Last Wills and Testaments Of Melody Law – A High School Journal by Michele Chia
Anya’s Angsana by Bathmaloshanee Muniandy
Siti, The Queen Regnant by Ninot Aziz

I am thrilled and humbled that my third novel,
Siti, The Queen Regnant
has made it to the Short List.

3 commentaires:

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Ninot, your news just gets better and better. I am THRILLED that your dedication, passion for Malaysian legend and all of your hard work is being recognized. I am clapping my hands with glee!!!!

Stafford Ray a dit…

Are you planning an English language version? We are so ignorant of Oriental stories and history. I know more about England than I do about Malaysia which is just silly. Congratulations on the short listing. All fingers crossed.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dearest Stafford,
My books are all in English! Perfect for you to get to know and love our Oriental tales. SITI and ONAGKIU not published yet, hopefully soon.

But you should get NAGA - A Legend of Tasik Chini available at XLibris, or Amazon.

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