dimanche, novembre 17, 2013


The months pass by so quickly. Last month in October, the excitement of the inaugural PNM awards buzzed everywhere among Malaysian writers and readers.
The family makes everything worthwhile.

With Nisah Harun who makes the journey as a writer a shared path

With our kind and renowned host, Sayed Munawar

I was fortunate that Hikayat - From The Ancient Kingdom was  nominated for two categories, more importantly, it was the only English  publication to be included in the highly coveted People's Choice top five finalists. Hikayat was 1st Runner-up in the Adult Fiction category, losing out to my own English teacher's novel, Magic Eyes!

It was a lovely event, held in the Angkasapuri Perdana Auditorium. Hubby and daughters were there, and my darling Mrs Khaw Choon Ean who continues to encourage me until today (that's a good 30 odd years of nurturing!) Good friend and award winning writer, Pn Nisah Harun had two books nominated. Celebrated writer, Puan Mahaya, whose compelling book Kuasa Kata was also nominated was such a lovely lady to meet.

It was a lovely evening, and treasured honour.

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Al-Manar a dit…

I have to keep on playig my tape of 'congratulations on your success' I remember the first time I was fascinated by a lady who kept so many blog-sites. But it turned out she is more than just that.

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Congratulations, my dear friend. I am stunned at how fast your older girls are growing up! Young ladies now. Such a beautiful family!

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