samedi, août 17, 2013

Hikayat - From The Ancient Malay Kingdom on Resensi TV1

Syed Munawar called to let me know he was reviewing Hikayat and would like to have me on his show, Resensi. As a host, he was considerate and engaging, asking me to relate the process of writing Hikayat and how did I safe-guard the authenticity of the legends and folklores. I have been lucky to have so many parties assisting me like Adiguru Pak Nasir of Aswara and Prof Ding Choo Ming of UKM.

Hikayat contains stories from Malay Manuscripts, lores from the ancient arts like makyung and wayang kulit and legends of mythical princesses.

Suddenly, it was over. Thank you Sayed!

Thank you Kay for helping me get ready - all dolled up for the camera.

2 commentaires:

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) a dit…

You are making great progress in your works. Celebrity!

ninotaziz a dit…

Thank you kind Sir. Celebrity? Hardly…but I am glad that Hikayat Melayu is gaining grounds and recognition.

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