lundi, novembre 21, 2011

Malaysian Tigers, then and tonight

Malaysian Tigers, Tasmania AUSTRALIA 1967

I dedicate Malaysia's historic win in the SEA games finals against Indonesia tonight to my Dad, the late Abdul Aziz bin Salehuddin (back row, fifth from left) who was an ardent football fan, a loving father and a gentleman who always, always said thank you.


Coach Ong Kim Swee teaches his Tigers and all of us what it means to be Malaysian. Respect for ourselves, our flag, our King and parents.

Thank you, Coach.

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Kak Teh a dit…

Al Fatehah! I am sure he was a fine gentleman.

ninotaziz a dit…

Assalamualaikum, Kak Teh.

My arwah Encik was many things, but the footballer, the father and gentleman is the man I love the most.

Funny, I just realised these are also the traits I love best in my husband.

luahfikiran a dit…


ninotaziz a dit…

Terimakasih Dato Luah Fikiran,
Satu penghormatan yang terbaik.

You are right, in many ways I am following my father's footsteps.

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Ong Kim Swee isn't just a soccer coach, he's also a life coach, am sure. Let's purrrray the Tigers will move forward and qualify for Olympics.
Al-fatihah for your Dad.... purrr....meow!

Cheqna a dit…

Ninot dear,

Alhamdulillah for the win last night but I didn't watch it, as usual I was very nervous..hehe..(I can watch the repeat :-) )

Only when I heard my neighbours shouted that we'd won did I turned on the TV..and caught the after moments, of players singing the National anthem proudly, our supporters.. the guys in the studio stood up for the anthem.

I'm proud to be Malaysian, if bukan kita siapa lagi?

Al-Fatihah buat your father, sekiranya dipanjangkan umur, tentu dia berbangga with you and your achievements.


Al-Manar a dit…

I feared at this age the body system might not take too much of the suspense. So, back in the kampong I was anxiously waiting for 'durian jatuh'. The season is here again!
I share Alfatihah for all our loved ones.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Cat,
I agree. The Coach is quite exceptional.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Cheqna,
You have known me for decades. And I am glad we both feel the same way about being Malaysian.

ninotaziz a dit…

Gosh, I haven't had durian in awhile Pakcik.

Was involved in a five car crash. It was surreal. Bang Bang Bang. Over.

Alhamdulillah, I was all in one piece at the end of it.

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