lundi, août 17, 2009

Questions Questions Questions

The newspapers and Internet try to answer the questions of the hungry public. It seems to me that we all react to questions that surround our lives.

Is there a conspiracy to make sure everyone is vaccinated by December 2009 - thus reviving a sluggish pharmaceutical industry? And in the process kill tourism? Kill the economy? Kill spontaniety?

Can Barack Obama really deliver when it comes to the issues that affect the whole population - like health care?


Was that really Michael Jackson who died?

Are our public buildings and highways safe?

What happened to Tiger Woods? Way to go, Yang!

Does it really matter? My take ?

What really matters to me is how can I convince my kids they can do something about H1N1. They can protect themselves by wearing a mask, sanitizing as often as possible and staying away from crowds for the time being.

I would like my daughters understand enough of history to know that what Obama achieved was unthinkable just around the time I was born.

I would rejoice if the girls are empowered enough to think they can make a difference by cleaning up the community park, bringing a grocery bag when shopping and opening the tap only when it is time to gargle after they have brushed their teeth.

Can they see the good in Michael and appreciate the songs he created so that we - a generation apart -can share his music? And realise that there are very few who can survive the glare of limelight for four decades - and survive - while still being able to thrill generations of people with a flick of a hand, a beguiling innocent smile and the stillness of presence...

I want them to read the news to know that the public needs to be informed and we need check and balance to ensure those in charge are responsible and accountable. And sometimes expose is necessary so that we can begin to weed out the bad apples.

If Tiger Woods can be caught by surprise, so can the rest of us. No matter who you are - the Lee Chong Weis, the Hamiltons and the Nadals of this world. Winning - and losing is part of the game. Part of the thrill. Part of the heart-renching disappointment.

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