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Hang Tuah: The Man and The Myth

Once a revered hero, today Hang Tuah's legacy is marred by controversy, writes ninotaziz

WHAT do you think of Hang Tuah? Did he exist?
There have been many conjecture and analysis, claims and suppositions made about the existence of legendary hero, Hang Tuah. On TV, Facebook and on the streets of Malacca, many ask the same question.
More importantly, what is the relevance of Hang Tuah for us today?
There was a time when Hang Tuah was as real in our mind as the greatest heroes of the world. And foremost for us, he was a Malaysian hero. Until recently, he was all but erased from our subconscious. At best, the man was embroiled in a quagmire of controversy. From his strict loyalty to the Sultan to the background of his ancestry, all these become subject of debate, contention and sadly at times, derision. It is an inexplicable phenomenon that when many cultures revere their legends and heroes, many in Malaysia decide to abandon theirs. Why this is so proves to be as interesting as the question of Hang Tuah’s existence, if not more so.

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ninotaziz, author, poet and story-teller believes that legends are the memories of our ancient civilisations.

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