vendredi, juillet 19, 2013

Interview by Poets United

My life over at the poetry blogosphere has been a wonderful adventure with poetry and online friendship, an unexpected bonus really. Sherry over at Poets United is very supportive of my poetry and work. Back in 2010, Poets United founder Robb Loydd interviewed me. This month, Poets United decided to feature a second interview. I am humbled.

Life of a Poet ~ Ninotaziz

Kids, I have a special treat for you today.  Ninotaziz has been a member of the Poets United community since the very early days of Poets United, when the site was begun by Robb Lloyd, (to whom I will be forever grateful). I am sure you have all enjoyed her amazing poetry. Over the three years I have known her, I have watched Ninot pursue her passion of preserving Malay legend, producing several beautiful books, that combine art and storytelling with magical results. I have been excited to see her work gaining recognition in the world of Malaysian letters, so that now I find myself interviewing not just a friend, but an emerging celebrity. It is a great honor to bring you this exciting update about our very own Ninotaziz.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Thank you Sherry and the wonderful team at PU.

2 commentaires:

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

You are most welcome, my friend. It was truly my pleasure!

Dave King a dit…

A really inspiring interview. Massive thanks to you both!

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