mardi, mai 07, 2013

PBAKL 2013

With Sir Awang Goneng, Nisah Haron, Kak Teh Zaharah
Dr Bubbles and Rudy (behind)

It was a memorable day indeed, after years of getting to know each other online, I finally got to meet Kak Teh and Sir Awang Goneng who were back from London and were guests at the KL International Book Festival White Sofa Session. Plans were quickly made for more rendezvous, In shaa Allah. 

We were lucky, ITBM was having a 50% sale on all books. Pak Sako's Putera Gunung Tahan was the buy of the day.

1 commentaire:

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

How wonderful, to meet with other writer friends. And 50% off - say no more! My arms would have been heaped! I'm happy for you, Ninot.

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