dimanche, décembre 16, 2012

Projects for Little Fingers

The girls and I are always planning some activity of the other. It is a ruse to keep them busy and focused on a project. However, at the back of my mind I am always devising ways to keep my kids creative and innovative while having fun - and some sense of accomplishment.
Last weekend, after a friend had asked what to do with old exercise books from school, I remembered I used make Iman and Inas notebooks. I tore out the used pages, stapled the books together cover to cover and wrapped them in wrapping paper. About five of them did nicely.
Using a cardboard for the cover ensured that it lasted and gave a solid finish to the notebook.
Here is Ikesha's notebook.

We have a lot of old drawing blocks as well. So I taught Ikesha to wrap the drawing block covers with the matching wrapping paper. I made two corner pockets to hold her drawing paper. Ikesha now has a drawing board to match her notebook.

Here are the girls' supplies of colour pencils, scissors, staplers and cellophene tape. 

We saw Life Of Pi over the weekend. Ikesha loves Richard Parker and pretends to read my book Life Of Pi.
This morning, before I left for work, Ikesha asked for a smaller (simplified, I guess)  Life Of Pi book. So  I told her our next project would be to make a Life Of Pi book she can read to herself. I will do the words based on the story using words Ikesha can manage - and Ikesha will do the illustrations.
We will keep you updated.

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Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

What wonderful ideas, Ninot. Love the idea of a simplified Life of Pi book. So cool.

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