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A novel by: ninotaziz

  • Dear friends and fellow bloggers,

  • After much anticipation, my first ever novel NAGA is out. This has been a wonderful work of intense collaboration with many. First and foremost my head researcher and editor, my mother, Puan Kamariah Jaafar. Without her, this book would have remained a manuscript. My grandmother first told me the legend of Naga Tasik Chini when I was 11 years old. I am sad that she is no longer with us to share this book.
The dragons on the cover was illustrated by my daughter, Narissia Inas. Despite her busy schedule (she is in her exam year) she did not move from her laptop for two days to get it done. The cover design was done by Apratim and his team from Entercerebrum, India. Finally, the beautiful images in the book portraying the characters from Nagara, China and Bhumi Semenanjung Melayu were illustrated by artist Malek Rahim.

I would like to thank many for inspiring NAGA. Firstly, I thank Mr Lim Beng Teck for suggesting I write a full length story. I would also like to thank blogger Sir Remgold especially who was almost by my side every step of the way despite being in a different country, answering my queries in the middle of the night, wee hours of the morning. Thank you Ayoh Wang and Pakcik Hassan of Al-Manar for a glimpse of life in Terengganu, so essential to the story.  CfS Angelina's Mum gave sound and 'sexy' advice. And my sister Farah Alina was quick to give points on how to engage the reader. And my team at XLibris, Annie Maynard and Jane Cole, thank you for working so hard all the way in Australia.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous help my daughter Iman offers when I need it, be it her opinion or her expertise.

Finally, my best friend and partner, the man who shares my journey, Rudy Daud. Thank you, Bang.

I hope you enjoy reading NAGA - A Legend of Tasik Chini.

For my daughters
Iman, Inas, Irani, Ilena and Little Ikesha.

  • ISBN: 1-4771-2924-3 (Trade Hardback 6x9)
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4771-2924-1 (Trade Hardback 6x9)
  • ISBN: 1-4771-2923-5 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4771-2923-4 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
  • Pages : 239
  • Book Format : Trade Book 6x9
  • Subject : FICTION / General


 ‘Loyalty and betrayal are the two faces of human nature, 
which give rise to legends that withstand the test of time.’

NAGA spans three realms from the ancient world – Middle Kingdom during the Tang Dynasty, Nagara and Bhumi Semenanjung Melayu. It is the story of three adventurers, Sri Gemom, Srikandi and Kemboja and how fate set their worlds on a collision course that shook the very foundations of an ancient civilisation. More than that, against the background of sorcery and magic, the tragic tale of survival and loyalty shines through.
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8 commentaires:

Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Woohoo! Congratulations Aunty Ninot! Mama's been sick while Angelina decides to hibernate. So, I'm holding the fort here. Any invitation to any book launch will be mine, ok? har har har *evil laughs*


ninotaziz a dit…

Hi Brad,

Take care of your Mama. And try not to enjoy yourself too much. You know her royal highness will take over as soon as she sees you enjoying yourself too much.

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

How wonderful that the artistic cover was created by your daughter. A lot of talent in your family. I am so happy for you, kiddo. This is such an accomplishment, on the heels of your other books.

ninotaziz a dit…

Thank you Sherry. We are a driven lot. How are you Sherry? Do enjoy the summer months!

Wan Sharif a dit…

Oh wow you have published your first novel.. And Am I glad.. that you finally get that under your many worthy accomplishments, you know you are always welcomed to share whatever little knowledge that can I have .. to put into good use..
May the sale of Naga be as successful and may your Ramadhan be better (for you and yours) than the previous one.

sreeja harikrishnan a dit…

Congrats.....sounds interesting.....

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) a dit…

Congratulations again. You must have spent many a sleepless night to work on Naga and the other book. That explain the sleepiness.Forgiven.

The elephant frequently feature in hikayats as mode of transportation in peace and war. Massive though but can be trained to be gentle to straddle with pleasure.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sir SAVE,
I really need to determine how I should address you.

Yes, Writing has kept me sleepless for a night too many. Hence, the 'confused state of mind' at some point which is so conducive for writing.

Thank you for your wishes. I hope NAGA works out well. I wanted to get it done in the hope that I can approach the film industry to make it into a movie!

Tony Ching, where art thou?

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