mardi, juin 26, 2012


The morning after, the scent of lilies reminded me that the book launch did happen. It wasn't a dream and the most important people were there either physically or in spirit, with me. My family and friends, and the people who made it all happen - my mother, Pn Kamariah Jaafar who worked on Hikayat as well, Fuzana, my editor  from Utusan and En Malek, to whom the exhibition was dedicated to.
Moments like these are best shared with family - hubby Rudy and daughters, Narissia Inas, Nadessia Ilena, Nafertari Ikesha, Naquessia Irani and Natassia Iman.

Iman, together with Inas and good friend, Alysha were in charge of registration, book sales, press kits. They did a marvelous job. Thank you girls!

Hanif, Iman's classmate during their Form Five days, was the official photographer. We are waiting for his expert shots. That's Goki, on the right, one of my favourites from Iman's former class also. Likewise, I am pretty sure I am his favourite Aunty.

Inas and Alysha with their friends and my extra hands whenever I have small events at home. Hakeem, who is not in this photo, is doing digital illustrations for my future book on Dragons and Serpents (2013). My sister in law, Wan Rosnita arranged the illustrations for the exhibition and she too, did a fine job indeed!

My gamelan performance

My upcoming book
NAGA - A Legend Of Tasik Chini
(August 2012)

Cover illustration  by Narissia Inas
Design by my good friend and associate  Apratim Mukhopadhyay of Enter Cerebrum, India

Thank you, everyone!

Next segment : The official blogpost of the Hikayat Book Launch, Exhibition and Gamelan Promise.

10 commentaires:

Wan Sharif a dit…

Home come no blogger friends one.. Oh so much talent you have there.. Inas also very talented lady now..

ninotaziz a dit…

Hi Ayoh Wang,
This is a post to thank all our assistants on the day. The actual event post will be up soon. Cats came tapi her partner-in-charity, Kak Puteri was down with flu! Banyak ice cream tasting, kot:)

remgold a dit…

ish ish ish, glamnya! brad pitt pun datang!

ninotaziz a dit…

ish ish ish, rugi Sir Remgold tak datang, boleh jumpa Angelina.

We had so much fun. Trying to reduce the videos to upload. Such huge files. The gamelan session was so therapeutic for everyone I think.

The weather was perfect so everyone was out in the garden, coming in for the exhibition only.

Stafford Ray a dit…

Congratulations again, so good to see you so happy. Now we want to hear that the book is selling!
And as you lived in Australia for a while, you will understand when I say; 'As a gamelan player, you make a great writer!' :-)
PS What has Brad Pitt (remgold a dit) got to do with it?

ninotaziz a dit…

Thank you Stafford. Yes, Hikayat sales at the bookstores are picking up and Malaysian corporations are buying the book as gifts! On Remgold's Brad Pitt, it is just our little way of joking around. Either that, or he meant I have my own Brad Pitt! We will have to ask him!

Al-Manar a dit…

I had no doubt the event would go well, what with one very adept at this game. It was something I had to miss with regret. I coud only hope and pray for the success, and more important for what follows.

ninotaziz a dit…

Alhamdulillah,Pakcik. Hopefully all goes well. It is also time to take a step back and spend more time with the girls as I could sense this is all 'me' time at the moment.

Uncle Lee a dit…

Hi Ninotaziz, I enjoyed looking thru the well taken pics and more your stylish eloquence....
And very impressed with your outstanding credentials.

It's always fun having a get together between family and friends.
You have a beautiful family there.
Have a pleasant weekend, and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards,

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Uncle Lee,
It is always a pleasure to see you here as you bring so much cheer in your words.

Thank you and you take care too, Sir.

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