samedi, mars 10, 2012

Kittens : From porch to pot

Exactly a week ago, Ilena and I were on our own at home. Rudy was in Kelantan with Ikesha, Inas and Irani, at Grandma's and Iman at college. I was making Ilena her favorite dessert, bubur jagung when she came over and whispered, "Don't look Mak. Sasha is having her baby."

"Where is she?" I asked, slightly panicky. "In her basket,"said Ilena, quite coolly.

Now Sasha had refused for weeks to get into that basket I prepared for her pending kittens. I took a peek and there she was, spreadeagled in the basket, looking bewildered. She was a first time Mom and obviously did not know what to expect.

Half way through the first kitten, she ran out of the house, hid under the misai kucing bush and proceeded to the porch. I was so afraid she would run out the gate. I called out to her and she hesitated. She stopped by the car. I went closer and held her (gingerly...her kitten was dangling out, I was terrified), finally she agreed to lie down. Soon kitten no 1 was born.

I stood up to get her basket. and she stood up too. I could see she did not want me to move so I stayed with her. Sat on the floor for an hour. Stroked her neck and generally calmed her down again. Her eyes glazed then, kitten no 2 popped out. This time Sasha knew exactly what to do, stayed still and relaxed.

I could see she was more at ease so I quickly went inside to get the basket and some clean rags. After a while I transferred Sasha and the two kittens into the basket and put them all under my writing desk.

Ilena was so happy. She said, "Today is the happiest day of my life Mak. Just the two of us and Sasha gave birth. It is so special!" It was a special day. Ilena and I actually had mandi serum that morning. Followed by me making spaghetti and bubur jagung just for her. She was really content.

I was worried about Sasha, she was too young to be a mother. I was afraid she would abandon the kittens so I took care not to touch any of them. She was exemplary. The whole night she did not leave the basket and in the morning, when I woke up, she looked terribly thin and parched. I gave her water and her cat food. She went back directly to her babies. Lo and behold, by morning, there were four of them!

The next day, I switched on the fan. The minute the light breeze hit the kittens, they started meowing away. I immediately switched off the fan. Sasha gave me a stare and picked up one kitten, surveying the room. Finally she went into this flower pot. I sighed, removed my beautiful plant and there the kittens have been for the last six days. I hope she doesn't move them anymore.

Oh, they are adorable. A good thing Ikesha was away the first three days. Now every morning, it is difficult to tear her away from the pot to get ready for kindergarten!


No, Crookshanks has not been allowed in the house for long periods. Poor Crookshanks, he is really the gentlest of cats but we are too scared to take the chance. Sasha and Crookshanks will be spayed soon so this should be a one time experience.

A most beautiful experience, i must say.


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Cat-from-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot....or should I call you Grandma Ninot now? So, you were a midwife to Shasha too...hmmmm....has she been following instructions during her confinement? I hope Cruikshank will play his role as a father well. Or else, send him for training with Tom here. purrr...meow!

ninotaziz a dit…

Grandma it is. Eerrr, quite a 'bole tahan' grandma according to grandpa Rudy.

Yes, poor Crookshanks/Cruikshanks...battle still ongoing on that. He has not been allowed to bond yet. Trying that when the kittens are bigger.

At the moment, he is not even interested to investigate the intermittent meowling.

Seeing your Mum next week. Tom can pass the notes for Cruikshanks through her.

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Oh so lovely. Special to share it with your daughter.

ninotaziz a dit…

Yes, Sherry, it was a perfect day for me and Ilena. One we will treasure together, our own special moment.

I have these 'one' days I remember with all my girls.

Memories that build a lifetime.

Wan Sharif a dit…

Must be a busy grandma now.. Long time away from the blgosphere.. So everybody is busy watching the four blessed!

ninotaziz a dit…

Busy writing Ayoh Wang.

How are things with everyone...

Stafford Ray a dit…

OMG! You really worried me with this title!
Many years ago, from time to time there would appear a story in one of Sydney's newspapers that would describe a raid on a Chinatown restaurant. The subject of each story would be the same. Some Chinese cooks were not averse to replacing expensive chicken meat with free cat meat (in the pot).
To catch cats, simply leave craps in the alley, then when you have attracted enough cats, throw a net over them.
Cats are excellent in chop suey.
Congratulations on your births. Most city kids miss out on seeing animals give birth, so what a wonderful and educational experience for Ilena.

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