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It begins and ends(?) in Egypt - Revolution Succeeds

New Dawn in EgyptEgyptians woke to a new dawn on Saturday after 30 years of autocratic rule under Hosni Mubarak, full of hope after achieving almost unthinkable change, with the army in charge and an uncertain future ahead.

As the muezzin's call to prayer reverberated across Cairo, the sound of horns honking in jubilation grew louder after a night when millions across the Arab world's most populous nation joyfully celebrated the fall of the president. More...

New policies. New constitution. New prosecutions.

As for the rest of the world? No country lives in seclusion. These are scary times.

12th February 2011

11th February 2011

"I stand above parties, which gives me more flexibility to express myself clearly. Of course I want to be involved in the future of Egypt, but whoever runs in elections right now is really not that important."

"Many young protesters see [Vice President Omar Suleiman] as just an extension of Mubarak. There is great opposition to him. But I think all these issues can be resolved if Mubarak steps down."

"If he's ready to go, we would ensure a dignified departure — this can be arranged. He has done many bad things, but he has also done good things for this country. ... He should step down with dignity."

Mohamed ElBaradei

Pharaohs come and go. So do traitors. But the pyramids still stand. At least for now.

It was the Egyptian Pharaoh who exiled the Jews from Egypt 3000 years ago. It was Egypt who lost to Israel in the 7 day war in 1967. It was Egypt who became the only Arab nation to embrace Israel. Well, maybe embrace is too strong a word. Accepted is better. Accepted its lies, its media manipulation. Its back-up plans.

Now one man wants to pull out the plug. Goodbye CNN. Goodbye 'fall guy'. It is too late to be concerned about dignity.

What is happening now is not about Egypt. It is about decades of living out a lie.

Feint within feint within feint.

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Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Powerful, Ninot. Turbulent times. I love "but the Pyramids still stand".

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sherry,
Alas, the military might still prevail. Sometimes might - most of the time, might is greater than passion and the voice of the street. Soon, the family cries for food and the baby cries for milk. We are all too human.

Closer too home, memories of Burma and Thailand beckon.

Al-Manar a dit…

Egypt and the person who rules it.
A family and the head who is respnsible for running it.

Are we managing ours as good or as bad as the one who manages Egypt? Do we ever critically look at how well ours will fare in twenty, fifty years hence? Will they thank or curse us for what we do today? We will be judged as we judge others today.

ninotaziz a dit…
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ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Pakcik,
This was in my thoughts all the while. Wasn't it an African proverb which said, We did not inherit the world from our parents. We merely borrowed it from our children.

Our leaders are supposed to safeguard this amanah and trust. If betrayed, what goes around will come around - an idea that needs decades to sink in apparently for most of us.

Stafford Ray a dit…

Any change of leadership that is not brought about through a free election based on universal sufferage cannot assume it has popular support. (eg, Egypt). Any administration that has the power to take its people to war without specific consent will do so. (eg, USA). Any government that hides the truth from its people does so because of the personal ambitions of its leaders. (All nations).

Ninotaziz, your comment at home was spot on... there is no point in doing anything to save anything unless we have a future in which it and we can survive. Climate change must be everyone's first priority.

Aishah a dit…

The photo is mesmerizing. Your words are powerful. I pray for peace for them.

ninotaziz a dit…

Thank you Aishah, the world seems very very unstable. Its like looking at an earthquake in a glassdome.

Sherry Blue Sky a dit…

Well-spoken, my friend. I hear your concern. The global consciousness is accelerating.....I hope all beings can contribute to this change in time to save us all.

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