jeudi, novembre 04, 2010

Why I write poetry

Shakespeare could turn any subject on earth to poetry. The obvious would be love, legends and drama. But politics and war too became bold and dramatic when given the Shakespeare treatment. Homer turned the Trojan War into the story of the face that launched a thousand ships, but who actually penned those famous words? Shakespeare's nemesis, Christopher Marlowe. Today, a hen can launch a thousand pens. And magic can inspire poets to stay glued to a 10" screen in the witching hour.

Did Shakespeare, Marlowe or Homer and countless other poets and writers know that their names would be immortalised, beyond kings, the beauty of the day and the fame of the infamous criminals of the century? With the exception of the prophets, writers are the most recognised names throughout time. And their work, unlike Science, Mathematics and Astronomy remained relevant and readable by the masses, not only scholars and academicians of the sixteenth century, those of the 21st century still read them just as much! Children read Bronte, and adults read Rowling. Lovers read Austen, cynics read Jung.

It cannot be emphasised enough that language and poetry are universal. There is Kahlil Gibran, Verlaine and Tolstoy. Tagore, Keats and Li Po. Shakespeare, Bronte and Hugo. Poets from every continent and country. Their words heal, calm, ignite. Kill, inspire, drown one in misery.

An expert is not an expert until he has written a lengthy thesis followed by a best-selling book. It is said that a writer never takes a vacation. He is either writing about his thoughts or thinking about his writing. One is compelled to write, sometimes to feverish heights. It is inborn, instinctive, incroyable.

The power of the written word of which poetry is the highest form - is the question of legacy. That is why writers are compelled to write. Not so that their name would be immortalised.

But that their words be whispered reverently upon a white page forever.

You can find poetry by ninotaziz here, ici and di-sini.

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Cat-in-Sydney a dit…

Aunty Ninot,
Isn't it "tiada kata secantik bahasa"? purrr...meow!

Cat got my tongue,

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear CiS
Tiada kata secantik bahasa
Angin sepoi pengganti lidah

Angin sepoi pengganti lidah
Membawa hasrat di dalam hati

Membawa hasrat didalam hati
Setinggi gunung, seluas lautan

Setinggi gunung seluas lautan
Kecil tapak tangan dihulurkan

kaykuala a dit…

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
Why I learn poetry? Fulfilment and putting brakes on the clawing and dreaded dementia. God forbid, 'minta simpang'.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Sir Hank,

Learning? No, you are a poet already. At heart and soul.

Wan Sharif a dit…

Mungkinkah untuk?
memperkukuhkan kata.
Mempelbagaikan cara..
mempertajamkan minda
mem... mem.. etc...

Paling cantik
mungkinkan untuk?
memperkembangkan ilmu
dalam mencari redha
dan kasih ilahi
lillahi ta'ala

Carrie Burtt a dit…

You have so much literary knowledge Ninotaziz....and you do understand the mind of a poet...for you are a true poet indeed whose words continually whisper across the continents to my heart. I feel blessed to have met you here. :-)

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Ayoh Wang,
Oh yes, memperkukuhkan kata. Mencantikkan bahasa. Menambahkan ilmu.

I say yes to all that.

But sometimes, the words take over, compelling one to write in the middle of the night. Itulah ilham. And one can only thank God for that.

ninotaziz a dit…

Dear Carrie,
Thank you for your encouragement.iit is mutual, I love and respect your words of wisdom and love too.

Stafford Ray a dit…

"He is either writing about his thoughts or thinking about his writing".
Is there no hope of respite then? :-)

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