dimanche, mai 23, 2010

Mouron in Kuala Lumpur - an enchanting evening

Last night, Rudi and I took Irani and Ilena to see Mouron in concert - the French Diva de Chanson. The concert was held at the Panggung Bandaraya at the corner of Jalan Raja and Jalan Tun Perak, just across the river from the Sessions Court at the Padang. Reconstructed after a massive fire a few years ago, the Panggung was in pristine condition, albeit a bit old fashioned - here is Irani at the Panggung's lobby and the girls at the Medan Selera di Tebing.

We arrived early to confirm our seating for the show - by the way it was a free concert organised by A'lliance Francaise and the French Embassy for the French Arts & Film Festival 2010 - so we walked over to Medan Selera di Tebing - the inconspicuous space you see at the junction of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Tun Perak. There was a fountain which the girls loved and KL looked beautiful from where we sat. The kway teow was lovely and the pau was great. It would be nice if the trees were lighted but as the sunset faded and the evening fell upon us, we got this fantastic view of the moon over KL from where we sat.

The best was yet to come. We walked back to the theatre and the girls decided it would be fun to sit at the VIP balcony seats. So we walked upstairs. By the way, just like all old buildings, the ladies room was huge and right next to the aisle - great when you have kids. The ceiling was decorated with a huge kite design - I couldn't decide whether it was hideous or just plain. It was very cold. A baby grand piano looked lonely on stage.

Mouron appeared at 8.45pm - garbed in a non-descript gray suit. She gave an introduction to her first song about a man who would sing and sing... come what may.

Then she sang.

Mouron c'est VOIX. Mouron is emotion packed into a song. Each word was crystal clear and inundated with feeling and a story.Each song had an introduction and I loved this particular intro.

"When we have had enough of Paris, we would go to Marseilles.
In Marseilles, there are blue skies. There is calm. Above all, in Marseilles, there is the sea.
Give me waves Terry. Give me the sound of the waves.
And here is one of the most well known French love song."

As her voice faded into darkness, we knew her next song would be La Mer...

Mouron was theatric, funny and full of life. Her interpretation of Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose was heart wrenching, her Un dessert au Desert was fun - she sang non-stop for an hour. Irani danced on the staircase, so moved she was by the music and familiar songs.

It was an enchanted evening - in more ways than we expected.

A fitting end to our celebration of the FAFF2010!

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